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Corporate organisations cant do without my kind of music-Terry G




Since hyperactive music artiste Terry G gave birth to his son, his behaviour has changed.

The restlessness, with which he became a brand, can now only be seen on stage. He has also abandoned his retinue of bad friends, and the daily binge drinking, which used to take place at his house, has stopped. According to the artiste, “fatherhood is a good feeling and a wonderful experience.” Speaking with, Terry G stated that it was just like starting life all over again, adding that the birth of his son, has made him to start seeing things and life in general, from a different perspective.


Not long ago, pictures of the artiste giving his son a bath, flooded the social media, and some people were quick to say that it was a publicity stunt by a fast fading musician craving attention. However Terry G stated that the pictures were picked from his Blackberry display picture, adding that the pictures, is a reflection of the things he does at home with his son. Furthermore, he said, the pictures got online, when bloggers wrote stories about him from the images.


In his words “these are the things I do at home and the child is my first and a man for that matter; every day, he is new to me and I am enjoying it.”


Ask him if the arrival of his son changed him and he is quick to say, “It has. If it was before, you would meet hordes of crowd anytime you come to my house. It has helped me forget a lot of my bad friends and help me look at the future.” If you think the Terry G you used to know, is still the one that exists presently, then you are wrong; as the beat maker revealed that he now has the sense of a responsible man.


On his wife been his new manager, he says “it is actually not official yet, but she is actually behind every transaction and negotiation because it is better that way.” Despite his wife been his manager, Terry G told us that he has other managers who work for him based on percentage cut, he insist that the role of his spouse in the business, is because she is always accessible.

Speaking on how he met Mimi his beautiful, soft-spoken and dark complexioned wife, Terry G told us that most people have failed to understand that before the musician became a brand, there was a person known as Gabiel Amanyi, who did gospel, rhythm and blues genre of music for a while. He went further to say that the gentle side of him is what he doesn’t unleash, due to the kind of music he does.


Daddy Rex, one of his new aliases, which the free madness artiste is now called, said meeting his wife was an accident. He told us that he met her during his first concert in London and she was just attracted to him. The artiste said most people who meet him are always skeptical about his person until they really get to know him. Ask him why nothing has been heard of him since he released Run Madand he says it is a deliberate effort at promoting his work. According to him, “I have realized that I release too many songs and I don’t allow them to be nominated and indirectly that means I am killing them.” He went further to say that since Run Mad is still hot out there and it is a hit, he wants to relax and see it nominated with the set of songs that came out with in the same time, emphasizing that he knew what he was doing, as the video of the song will be out any time from now.


On the probability that his image is what has chased corporate brands away from him, Terry G said he agrees, but insists that the organizations can’t do without him because he still does their events mostly when they want to do concert. He said: “I have a particular crowd which is a serious market; I know that I have had negative issues, which is in the past. I don’t think my lack of endorsement is because of my image, because I am a big brand and every market will want to work with. What I am experiencing now is called nemesis, but it will washout because the brand is there and all I have to do is just stay away from negativity.”


Ask him if he might change his style of music and he says he will never change it because anybody who does that kind of music will be told that he is copying Terry G. He went further to say his style of music was ordained by God and in as much as it is a competitive industry he does not see too much competition because of his kind of music. Terry G also stated that he is not worried about new producers such as D Tunes and Gospel On The Beat springing up. According to him, “they are the rave of the moment, there is a time when you are on a roll, but when you are not it doesn’t mean you are not working, because there is a time to make noise about your achievements and a time to silently make the money.” He concluded.


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