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Find out why Davido thinks he is a humble guy





One of the biggest criticism that music artiste Davido has witnessed in his career is the fact that he is a rude rich boy.


The artiste has however kicked against the tag saying that he is not what a lot of people perceive him to be.


When asked if he is a rude rich boy, he says “I understand that people will think that of me, but no, I am not. People who really know me will confirm that I am humble”, he said.


Furthermore, he said “If I come off as how they see me sometimes, maybe it is all part of my artiste persona.”


On what fascinates him about cars Davido says “the gloss paints, the shiny look they have, especially those mean looking cars attract me the most. I like my Camaro.”


He also told that he gets fascinated with the power in the engines. According to him, it is another sweet part. The artiste goes a step further explaining why he loves car when he said that one of his new cars has a monster engine that roars with confidence. Ijust love cars.


Ask him what is the worth of his garage and he says “I will have to do that math and get back to you, but of course there’s a lot of zeros in that figure.”


On the fact that he is in the habit of kicking ladies out of his apartment at odd hours after having a goodtime with them, the artiste said “it really doesn’t make much sense loving women and sending them out of my room in the middle of the night. No it’s not true”, he concluded.


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