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Why McDonald’s Employee Body-slammed




It should be pretty well understood that when you get soda from a soda fountain at a fast food restaurant, you need to pay for it. And trying to use a water cup to swipe soda isn’t going to fly with the management.

One woman learned her lesson the hard way after allegedly trying to do just that at a McDonald’s. The woman, who has not been publicly identified, can be seen in a video shot by Instagram user Marie Dayag, whose Instagram name is bxbyness.

According to Dayag, the manager shut down the soda machine because the woman tried to get soda with her water cup.

Things really escalated from there. The woman and an employee can be seen arguing over what appears to be a disagreement about paying for the soda before the customer throws a french fry at the employee. In a second video, the customer throws a milkshake at the employee and then hits the employee in the head with a tray.

The employee then charges at the customer, grabs her by the hair, and starts punching her. At one point, the customer is also thrown on a table before she’s subdued.

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This is the second time in a week that a restaurant employee was caught on camera physically taking down an unruly customer. Recently, CCTV footage captured 21-year-old waitress Emelia Holden throwing a man to the ground after he grabbed her backside. The man was later arrested.

Although the McDonald’s employee was attacked first, responding in a similar style really isn’t advised when it comes to any escalating situation, self-defense expert Gabrielle Rubin tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I believe it is best to try and avoid anything physical,” she says. “First and foremost, you should protect yourself but never initiate or retaliate. You don’t know if they have a weapon, have friends with them, or have training in fighting.”

If you’re in a situation that’s escalating, Rubin recommends using your voice to try to calm the other person, yelling for help, or yelling for the person to stop. If the person starts attacking you from a distance but hasn’t laid hands on you, it’s smart to try to move away and, again, use your voice to try to stop the attack. “Put your hands up to not only protect yourself but to create a barrier,” she says, adding that a nonverbal gesture like this sometimes can get through to someone who isn’t hearing you.

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Above all, it’s important to do what you can to try to calm down the situation, if you can. “You never want any situation to escalate. It will only get worse,” Rubin says. “Don’t go to their level; try to bring them down.” That means speaking in a calm voice if the person is yelling, and keeping yourself in check if someone is trying to start a physical fight, although that can be easier said than done.

“It’s hard to not mimic behavior; meaning, if someone attacks you, it’s normal for you to want to turn around and respond physically,” Rubin says. “You have a right to protect yourself, but it didn’t start out physical. If hands are not on you, it’s best to avoid getting physical. Just get away from them.”

When you can, call for help or have someone around you do the same, Rubin says. And, when police arrive, be specific about what happened.

There’s no word on how the situation at McDonald’s ultimately ended.

Culled: Yahoo

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Easter Groove: Olamide Storms Ikeja With YBNL Gang




Leader of the YBNL Gang, Olamide will storm Ikeja, Lagos State for this year’s Easter groove and celebration.

The rapper will perform alongside his goons in an event tagged Unlimited Faaji.

The event will be hosted at the Open Ground of Ikeja City Mall on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 7pm.




Other artistes who will perform at the event includes Zlatan Ibile, Mayorkun, DJ Kaywise, Dotun and Odunlade Adekola.

Olamide came into the Nigerian music scene in 2010 with his break out single, Eni Duro, which earned him wide acclaim and mainstream attention.

The artist’s performance come following the release of his latest single, ‘Woske.’

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Cadbury Unveils Teni, Phyno As Tom Tom Brand Ambassadors




Cadbury has unveiled Teni The Entertainer and Phyno as brand ambassadors for Tom Tom.

Tom Tom


The duo were unveiled at a ceremony which held at Rhapsody Ikeja City Mall, Lagos.

The duo of Phyno and Teni becomes ambassadors for the Tom Tom Power of Cool campaign.

Tom Tom is one of the several products  produced by Cadbury.

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The attention of Nigerian Breweries Plc., (NB) has been drawn to a video circulating on some social media platforms alleging the existence of a ‘fake’ Amstel Malta in the market. This claim is based on the fact that there are differences in the NIS Logo on the Amstel Malta packaging.
We wish to clarify and assure all our valued consumers and lovers of Amstel Malta that there is no fake Amstel Malta in the market.
 NB recently revised the packaging of Amstel Malta and incorporated the new NIS Quality logo from the Standards organization of Nigeria, (SON). This change was approved by the relevant regulatory agencies, including the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC.
The claim, in the video under reference, that the Amstel Malta with the new NIS Logo is ‘fake’ is incorrect and misleading. SON, the owners of the NIS Quality Logo, have variously confirmed the change in its certifying logo and had in fact commended Amstel Malta for being the first producer to incorporate the new NIS Logo in its packaging.
The false claim and video have been previously addressed by NB in 2017 when the video was first circulated. A joint press conference was addressed by SON, and NB Plc affirming the packaging change with new NIS logo and correcting the false claims in the video.
 We are concerned that the same misleading video has resurfaced and is again being circulated on some social media platforms. We therefore appeal to the public to ignore this video and refrain from re-circulating this untrue information.
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