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Proven Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working




There is nothing more frustrating than working out and making healthier food choices, but still not losing weight. This can make you feel you are not doing enough and in the long run, give up. Unknown to you, you may be doing some things that are preventing your diet from working.

You’re taking excess sugar

Excess sugar is the main culprit when it comes to weight gain. When you have too much sugar, your body is programmed to store the excess as fat cells. You might avoid the obvious suspects of chocolate and cookies, but if you’re replacing these with honey or dried fruit, your sugar levels could still be too high. The reality is that sugar is sugar, no matter how ‘healthy’ the form. It is better you avoid sugar completely.

You’re not moving enough

The human body was designed to move and not meant to be stuck at a particular spot. So, if you’re exercising a couple of times each week but still not seeing results, take a look at what you’re doing the rest of the time.

You’re not getting enough sleep

Craving carbs and sugar after a bad night’s sleep is common. When you’re over-tired, the reward receptors in your brain kick in, encouraging you to look for comfort food. Sleep deprivation also impacts hormone levels that regulate appetite, meaning the hunger hormone increases and the appetite suppressant decreases.

You’re eating too many processed foods

If your diet is high in sugar and processed carbs, weight loss is challenging, if not impossible. Anytime you eat something high in processed carbs, your blood sugar skyrockets and you release insulin. This directs all that blood sugar straight to your fat reserves, causing your blood sugar to drop, which makes you feel hungry again.

You’re too stressed

Most of us do too many things: jobs, families, shopping, and cooking. When you feel stressed, your body releases the hormones which flood your body with a glucose energy supply for that moment and this can cause you to eat more. Hence, defeating the purpose for your dieting.

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