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Five Mistakes That Can Wreck a Healthy Diet




Working hard usually pays, but it may not necessarily be the case in the quest to attain the ideal body weight.

There are lots of contributing factors like age, exercise routine and proper diet that can affect a weight loss plan. However, it could simply be because of some unknown nutrition traps that had a hand in wrecking your plan to attain a healthy diet. 


Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platform, discuss some of these traps of mistakes. 

Buying on impulse

Going to the supermarket without having a shopping list handy is treading on dangerous grounds. Chances are that there will be lots of unneeded items in the shopping cart based on the store’s special promotions, usually from the snack and junk food.


Eating at night

Eating at night can lead to trouble. For example, maintaining a habit of eating while you watch TV can lead to overeating. Saving up your daytime calories for a nighttime meal is also unhealthy. You need calories during the day when you’re expending energy. And if you’re not eating enough in the day, you may be so hungry at night that you overeat.


Depriving yourself of your favourite foods

The more you tell yourself not to eat something, the more you desire it. Obsession can set in, and all of the sudden you’ve downed an entire cup of ice cream. Healthy eating isn’t about deprivation or drastically changing every aspect of your lifestyle. It’s about learning how to enjoy what you love in a healthy way.


Not keeping track of your food intake

Research shows that people who track their food intake if they’re trying to lose weight or monitor sodium in their diet, are more successful. It makes you aware on a regular basis of what you’re putting in your mouth and how much you’re eating. Also, tracking your food provides you with an overall picture so you can figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Keeping unhealthy foods within reach

It’s more challenging to avoid unhealthy foods if you stock them in your refrigerator, even if they are intended only for a special occasion. The best thing to do is surround yourself with healthy food. That’s what you’ll eat when you find yourself looking for a snack. But if you buy a half gallon of ice cream, eventually it will go into your stomach.

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