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Where Is Titi Abubakar?



Titi Abubakar

 In her days as the favoured wife of erstwhile Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, many marveled at Titi Abubakar.

A lover of good parties, no doubt she was often present at several upscale shindigs, as hardly would she be at a social gathering without an acknowledgment of her entrance. Such was the grace that she enjoyed.

Popular in the South West, she mingled easily with those that mattered. As far as the social scenes was concerned, Abubakar, was just everybody’s darling.

However, all those were then, as in recent time, the woman has been hibernating.


Some say her presence at social gathering has been reduced by the fact that she now plays second fiddle to Jennifer Abubakar, who stole the heart of the Turaki of Adamawa.


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