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Things you didn’t know you could do in Lagos



Lagos is a truly distinctive place which has become a haven to a lot of interesting individuals, and no matter how long you have lived in the city or how many times you have visited, there will always be secrets waiting to be uncovered.

The city is full of peculiar things which do not necessarily make it into your average guidebook. Truly, it is not surprising to witness unusual things happen within the city as beside its legendary entertainment, cuisine and nightlife that rival that of any other place in Nigeria, there are other things that you can do that most certainly would not make the stock for any tourist’s holiday.

Hoping to explore the more eccentric side of Lagos off-beaten track?, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal offers 7 things you most certainly did not know you could do in Lagos.


Meditation and yoga at Ashram

The Indian population in Lagos is quite substantial and as such, there are Hindu temples and ashrams around the city. Very popular is the Geeta Ashram in Lekki Phase 1. If yoga or meditation interests you, you are bound to have a deeply rewarding time spent there. The ashram is an isle of calm that people (not only Indians or Hindu) visit to heal their minds, bodies and souls, so, Yoga and meditation at the ashram, are great ways to strengthen the mind and body.

Camp on the Street

For locals in the city, this idea may sound completely crazy but if you are visiting and you are up for a bit of adventure, especially the type that will offer you a different perspective in life, as well as firsthand knowledge of Lagos street life, then camping a few days on the street might be the perfect solution. You can either do this by renting a bus which you would park on any of the safe spots streets or use a tent.


Explore a city farm

Lagos is no longer a strictly “brick wall” destination. the developing in the area of agriculture and animal rearing and as such, a handful of city farms that are home to farm animals, including rare breeds have cropped up around the city.  Visit one of these farms to explore its environs. You get to learn more about these farm animals and farming in general, and if you are lucky , you may take home some bags of freebies.

Learn the Salsa dance

Lagos may be an African city in Nigeria, but if your dream is to appear on “dancing with the stars”, you can make headway in the city by registering in one of the many dance clubs, where you can learn the Salsa dance. The Latin Dance club conducts salsa training sessions every wednesday, friday and sunday at 7.30 pm, and most times, it is free! Club Reloaded(former 11:45) at 113, Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos , as well as La casa del habana on Ozumba Mbadiwe, VI. are other places can get classes whether  you are a total beginner, improver or already an experienced dancer.


Go to a mid-week dance club

Lagosians love to have fun and as such, night club no longer only have dance nights on the weekend. While visiting Lagos, you can actually have fun at a dance club on the weekday! Designed with weekday workers in mind, it is a good way to let off some mid-week steam , stay out late and  enjoy a weekend dance party on a weekday. Most of the mid-week dance clubs open from 7-11pm.

Go on a Cemetery Tour

Most of the natives are superstitious and would be very hesitant to go for this option, however , if you are fascinated by unusual tours, a cemetery tour in Lagos would be just the perfect thing for you. From the 150-year old Atan cemetery in Yaba, to theVaults and Garden cemetery, Ikoyi, as well as the Victori Court cemetery, you can see the final resting places of certain Nigerian dignitaries and celebrities as well learn much about the Nigerian history. Some of these cemeteries are open from 8am to 6pm and are free, while you have to buy a ticket for others. You can take the tour alone too, or hire a guide.


Turn the city into your gym

While there are so many gyms and fitness centers around the city, as expected, you actually do not have to patronize them. Aside from purchasing your own gym equipment and knocking yourself out with free routines online, you can actually air out your muscles with a free-run around on literally any spot you chose around the city. A favorite is the Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge.  Occasional free classes are offered on some streets as well.

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