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Must-see Monuments in Nigeria



Iconic statues pregnant with esoteric and superstitious meanings, landmarks that have stood for years and priceless headstones that signify royalty cut across Nigeria. For travellers, who are planning their itinerary around Nigeria and want to see exciting monuments,, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal identifies some of these monuments. Don’t forget to take selfies.


Arometa (Three White cap chiefs)

Sculpted by Biodun Shodeinde in 1991, the three white cap chiefs was originally positioned at the point of entry to Lagos to welcome visitors to the centre of excellence. However, due to some superstitious belief and the statue being burnt down, it was moved to its present location in Epe. Even though the statue was previously meant to welcome people to Lagos, the sculpture is rich in meaning. The three chiefs represent the three kinds of traditional greetings in Lagos Island. All the chiefs display clenched fists with the right hand always placed above the left. This signifies the supremacy of the right over the left. This monument is 12 ft tall.


The Kano city walls

This is arguably one of the oldest monuments in Nigeria and located in the commercial heartbeat of Northern Nigeria, Kano. The wall was has existed as far back as the 14thCentury after the foundation was laid by Sakri Gijumasu in 1095. The purpose of the Kano city wall was to provide refuge for  people of Kano. Many of the walls have been renovated but you will still find remnants.  In 1959,  the Federal Government declared it a National Monument.


Ogbunike caves

The Ogbunike caves is a popular landmark in South East Nigeria located in Anambra state. The caves have existed  for decades and the local found solace in the Caves during the war. Unlike in the past where only the daring visitors attempt to climb, there is now a walkway of about 317 steps which makes for a stress-climb. You are to remove your shoe before you are allowed in and also menstruating women are barred from the caves.

Jesus de Saviour statue

The Jesus de Saviour statue in Abajah, Imo state. The statue which is 28 ft tall is located at the St. Aloysius Catholic Parish African. It was modelled like the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.


Benin Bronze Heads

One of the most respected traditional institutions in Nigeria is the Benin traditional kingdom. Closely attached to this kingdom are priceless bronze heads representing different members of the royal families of Benin.  Some of these bronze heads have been carted away while others are located in the palace of the Oba of Benin. You will have a two-edged experience if you decide to see these amazing bronze heads as well as the magnificent Oba’s palace.

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