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Awesome perks of living in a hotel room in Nigeria



Staying in a hotel in Nigeria can be an extremely rewarding experience as it offers a wide range of comfort unique to a person’s situation. However, while great hotels often come at steep a cost, there are certain times where people do not only have to stay in hotels for long periods of time, but practically live in them.

If you are always on the move and are wondering what benefit you stand to gain from living at a hotel., Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal reveals 5 perks.

Stable Wifi

WiFi is gradually becoming a basic human need as most people need it to survive in the world that we live in today. While a lot of people in Nigeria cannot afford their own routers, and the few who do tackle issues of network connectivity on a daily basis, most of the hotels in the country offer stable and most times, free WiFi. This is a huge perk that is most beneficial to business travelers as they can connect all their devices without extra charges. Also, foreigners who do not have local lines can depend on Skype to keep in touch with friends and family, without racking up cell phone minutes or room-phone charges.

Room service

Who does not love room service?! Very few people who live in their own apartments can afford maids cater to their every need or have their requests brought to them right to their rooms. Living in a hotel ensures that you have room service. This means that you can have your food delivered straight to your room, you do not need to clean up after yourself or make your bed and basically, you do not need stress yourself at all…unless you want to. The thing about this perk though is that you may have to pay a little extra for it, depending on the hotel’s regulations

Free newspapers or breakfast

Hotels offer a lot of freebies to lodgers. From free gym service swimming lessons and babysitting, to newspapers, coffee or tea, and continental breakfast. Basically you can use every single facility in the hotel or take advantage of their amenities for free. The breakfast fee as well as electricity and even water bills are included in your total hotel bill, but it sure feels like free as you are not bugged down with the stress of paying so many extra/separate bills…and actually, if you really consider how much we spend on our own home on a regular basis, it comes close to basic.

You meet a variety of new people

Hotels attract all sorts of people, from tourists to celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries. Basically, people come and go all the time, so living in a hotel a hotel exposes you to people from all walks of life. It expand your knowledge about the world and human race, and it also creates room for different kinds of opportunities…so long as you are the social type who will not hesitate to mingle

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