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Like Mariam Abacha, Like Tara Durotoye




Durotoye 2

In any way you decide to look at it, Tara Durotoye is a success story.
A certified beautician who has had several successes is just the beginning of what she has achieved.
However, this has not stopped her from achieving more, as the dark-complexioned woman recently added another feather to her proverbial cap.
Durotoye turned 40 years-old recently announcing the commencement of a new stage in her life.
Synonymous of a woman who cares for herself, Durotoye hardly looks her age, as this has been the talking point of most of the people who have been greeted with the news of her new age.
Like Durotoye, Mariam Abacha, a former First Lady of Nigeria and the wife of deceased military leader, Sani Abacha also celebrated her 70th birthday over the weekend in Kano State.
The celebration was attended by socialites and politicians alike from the northern part of Nigeria. No doubt, these duo do have something worth celebrating.

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