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For Mohammed Babangida, The Storm Is Not Over




Those who are close to Mohammed Babangida will confirm the assertion that he is an introverted businessman.
Typical of an absolute gentleman, the learned businessman is quick to listen, but slow to respond.
However, in recent times he has had to weather storms that have seen him in the public space onetime too many.  As if that is not bad enough, he has also been the topic of discussion and gossips at parties in recent times. All these have been attributed to the trouble between him and his ex-wife, Rahama.
Presently, Mohammed is in the eye of the storm as what he would have loved to term a family secret has been laid bare for all to hear and speculate on.
The duo of Rahama and Mohammed are currently fighting for the custody of two of their kids.
The kids namely Maryam and Ibrahim are reportedly in Rahama’s custody, but Mohammed wants them to reside with him being their father.
Mohammed, who in the past had complained about the antics of his ex-wife initiated the suit to claim his children’s custody. Those who should know say that Mohammed who already has two other kids from his marriage with Rahama in his custody wants the other two so that they can bond together as a family.


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