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Rahama Makes Peace With Mohammed Babangida?




When the duo of Rahama Indimi and Mohammed Babangida were together, they were an item.

Both were a beautiful sight, loving each other like love was going out of fashion.

Having parted ways, Rahama hunted her erstwhile husband like a ghost seeking a payback, mudslinging him as if her life depended on it. Thus, the man sought a divorce in a Sharia court and took custody of his children.

In the wake of a recent attack relating to her ex-husband’s other children, Rahama was quick to refute the allegations made against her, adding that she had made peace with her ex-husband.

Mohammed’s polo-playing friends have however reacted to the claim, insisting that the younger Babangida would hardly want anything to do with his ex-wife, having found peace, love, and understanding in his new.

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