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Six Creative Tricks to stay hydrated



 Everyone is always telling you to drink more water. It can be a struggle, for some people, to drink more water and to remind yourself to stay hydrated as well!


Since water is essential to life, Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platform shares tricks to help you drink more water and stay hydrated.

Keep them raw

Raw fruits and veggies, in general, are loaded with water. This is good news because your body naturally craves raw foods. Enjoy produce as raw as possible throughout the summer and you’ll be hydrating like crazy. The water in fruits and veggies is where most of its nutrients lie, so eating them raw means you’re getting the best nutritional bang for your buck.


Eat plenty of cucumbers 

Having a 95% water content makes a glass of cucumber juice just about as hydrating as a glass of water. Cucumbers are affordable, easy to find and versatile, making them a perfect summer hydration plant-food.


Blend watermelon

Named after its amazing abundance of water, watermelon is plant-based hydration perfection hidden in a big green ball. How do you know if you’ve grabbed a winning watermelon? Find one that feels heavy for its size and makes a hollow sound when you tap it.


Freeze bananas

Aside from being delicious, bananas are full of potassium, which replenishes lost electrolytes from sweating in the heat. Bananas also contain magnesium, which helps balance and regulates the fluids in your body. Their sugars provide instant energy, making them an awesome treat when the heat’s draining you. You can freeze bananas for 5 hours and blend them.


Squeeze lemons

You’ve surely heard of the numerous health benefits of warm lemon water, but in the summer heat, drinking warm water doesn’t sound all that appealing. So drink cool lemon water in the summer. The super hydrating benefits of vitamin C from the lemon still exist in cool lemon water.


Make coconut water ice cubes.

Coconut water is very low in calories and sugar, which is deceptive because it tastes so sweet and luxurious! Enjoying coconut water is a phenomenal way to stay hydrated.

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