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Femi Ayeni’s New Accomplishment




Renowned for his positive achievements including his successes with ’Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and ‘Project Fame’, Femi Ayeni, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ultima Studios Limited has scored another first.

This time, the man is bringing back to Nigeria, the world’s most popular business reality television show, Lions’ Den.

Only recently, Ayeni signed an agreement with UK-based Sony Pictures Television (SPT) to produce the Nigerian version of the show.

Lions’ Den is popular as ‘Dragons Den’ in the UK, ‘Shark Tank’ in America and ‘Money Tigers’ in Japan. In 2009, the Dragons became Sharks, and the American version, Shark Tank started. Shark Tank has now been made in the America, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Mongolia and Vietnam.

The basic format of the show is that entrepreneurs pitch bold new ideas and inventions to five millionaires, the investors, in search of investments to fund the growth of their business ideas. The entrepreneurs must convince one or more of the investors to invest a specific amount of their money or they fail. They will need to prove themselves with hard facts and figures, and answer the investors probing questions. If the investors are impressed by a pitch, they negotiate aggressively to own the biggest possible share in the venture in exchange for cash. The show makes compelling viewing, especially when the investors start competing with each other to be the sole investor in a truly promising venture. Indeed, Ayeni has returned with another first.

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