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Battle Continues: Rahma Indimi, Mohammed Babangida Continues Fight




The last has definitely not been heard of the custody battle between Rahma Indimi and her erstwhile husband, Mohammed Indimi.

As usual, its Rahma that is doing the talking. Presently, she is accusing her ex-husband of using money to influence the outcome of the custody battle that saw him taking possession of their children.

Rahma, is insisting that the Sharia court where he husband got custody of their childen was compromised.

Below is what she wrote via Instagram:


Rahma Indimi accuses ex-husband, Mohammed Babangida, of using money to manipulate court to get full custody of their kids

Well, I won my case in minna last year. But victory was short lived when muhammad Babangida refused to accept his defeat. He brought his personal judge to hear the matter again in the same court instead of going to the sharia court of appeal. I’m thinking since I’m done in minna I can finally move on with my life. Unfortunately the case was re listed. I told the court I’m not interested in doing the case, lord and be hold the judge forced me to be the plaintiff.

As plaintiff my lawyer said we are still not interested in the case. Fine, I’m forced to do a case that I know they have no jurisdiction over, against my will. Long story short, the judge said I’m not truthful because I have a marriage certificate.

What has customary law have anything to do with sharia law? This man changed the sharia law to fit his client. He gave him exclusive custody of all the 4 kids. Mind you, sharia gives my mum custody if I’m unfit to mother my children. Even The two that are not within jurisdiction fa. Hey may God help our judiciary wo. Money talks and b***shit works. I will continue to fight till my last breath. Allah Kareem, Allah Wakil.

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