• Akin Shuga, the leader of the 14-piece live band, Shuga was yesterday unveiled as the Rotary International District 9110 Polio Ambassador.
    Akin Shuga was unveiled by the District Governor of Rotary, Mr Adewale Ogunbadejo who was in turn excited by his willingness to raise funds, create awareness and eradicate polio.

    Akin Shuga who suffered polio at the age of 5, in his speech thanked Rotary for counting him worthy to partner with them. He mentioned that he will use his voice to effectively sensitize parents on the dire need to have their children take the essential polio boosters and vaccines. He would also encourage survivors like himself to surmount the courage and follow their career paths beyond any physical challenges.
    He also mentioned that his main project will be the Shuga “I can walk tour” and a song titled “I Can Walk” dedicated to polio survivors in Africa. His key objective with the tour is to ensure all proceeds from the recordings and shows are added to what Rotary is already doing to help polio victims in Nigeria.