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Things You Should Know Before Relocating To Dubai




When relocating to a new place especially if it’s a foreign country that is entirely different from what you are accustomed to, it is important that you equip yourself with the necessary tools that will make that relocation stress-free and worthwhile.

Life in Dubai may be different from how you know life to be and it could be mind-blowing. Dubai is a luxury city with amazing sights, a friendly environment and a multicultural work-force. You must be fully prepared to embark on the adventure the city of Dubai holds.

This Emirate is like no other city in the world, full of life, energy and surprises in every corner. Here are a few tips on how to prepare to live and work in Dubai.


  1. Prepare for the hustle

Dubai residents are always “so busy”. Life in this city is non-stop and expats will often hear the word “hustle” thrown around when talking to their friends. Everyone will always have a long list of all the things they need to get done for work, all the errands they run and how stressed out they are. No one can really escape the Dubai hustle, so it’s crucial to be prepared to have a busy and often hectic routine.


2. Weekends are Friday and Saturday

While the city is very much geared towards the business traveller, newcomers working in Dubai can be taken by surprise by some of Dubai’s business customs. The first thing to know about working in Dubai is that the working week can differ from business to business. The working week is generally Sunday to Thursday. However, retail and some other businesses open six days a week, closing on Fridays. Usual business hours are from 08:00 to 13:00, resuming after the temperatures have begun to cool from 16:00 and continuing until 19:00, all in local time

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3. Always follow the country’s rules

This is a must. For anyone who wishes to stay in Dubai and be safe from any trouble, it is crucial to always abide by the country’s and city’s rules. Hence one should always try to stay on the right side of the law by avoiding things such as public intoxication, buying fake goods, taking pictures of strangers and other illegal acts.

4. Every Tuesday is ladies night

This one is for the ladies! This is exciting for new arrivals who like to party. There will be a club and bar open and full every day of the week but the most exciting day of the work week definitely is Tuesday. Almost every bar or club in the city will have a ladies night offer, including free drinks and massive discounts on food. Some places even have ladies night on different weekdays to ensure that the party keeps on going every single day.

5. Practice some Arabic

Expats moving to Dubai will probably never actually feel the need to be fluent in Arabic. Everyone in the city speaks English and there will very rarely be an actual need to know how to speak the Arabic language. However, everyone who lives in Dubai knows some Arabic. There are a few words that expats will hear on a daily basis that are must-knows. So when a friend says “yalla“, they are asking everyone to hurry up; or when someone says “Inshallah“, they are hoping for the best outcome out of a situation.

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6. Dubai is always under construction

With new crazy attractions and immense skyscrapers being opened every year, it’s only natural that Dubai is constantly under construction. Expats should come prepared to see massive cranes in every area of town building the latest “biggest something in the world”. This can often be very inconvenient and the street one takes home every day might suddenly disappear from one day to the other. However, these constructions are what made Dubai the city it is today.

7. There will never be a boring day

With all this being said, it’s vital to know that life in Dubai will never include a boring day. Whether hustling around the city, trying to get things done, meeting people from all over the globe, or desperately trying to be cautious not to break any rules – life in Dubai means a new adventure every day! Sometimes fun, sometimes chaotic, sometimes just plain crazy.

Now you are good to go. With workatdubai your relocation to Dubai will be as seamless as possible

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For the second year in a row, the Lagos State economy received a major, unprecedented boost in the entertainment, hospitality and creative sectors in four weeks of the yuletide season, Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr. Steve Ayorinde disclosed on Saturday.

Trends and reports monitored by the Lagos State Government over the four weeks in December, especially during Christmas and New Year festivities, captured an estimated spending well above N50bn in cash transactions, a record slightly higher than December 2017 which also recorded a good run in travel, entertainment and leisure-related spendings.

The monitored reports attributed the positive trend to the peak in entertainment activities; huge influx of people from neighboring states, neighboring countries and holiday makers from abroad who either chose Lagos as their primary destination or transit to other parts of Nigeria last December.

In a press statement he signed, Ayorinde said various reports, statistics and analyses monitored across immigration office, banks, aviation, hospitality and leisure parks; food, beverage and distribution businesses as well as event venues, shopping malls and cinema box office earnings captured an estimated direct spendings of over N50bn within the entertainment and tourism sector in Lagos State alone.

He said reports monitoring the prevailing December trends showed an unprecedented footfall influx of more than three million people entering Lagos in December alone with a multi-billion naira spendings in tow in hotel lodgings, local in-bound flights and taxi/chartered transportation, alcohol and beverage consumption; culinary business; visits to resorts, parks, clubs and lounges, live theatre and cinemas; concerts and clubs as well as ancillary  businesses like fashion and clothing, kiddies’ games and toys, and private security guards, which are all now part of the tourism and entertainment ecosystem.

“Like in 2017, last December in Lagos was hugely creative economy- friendly, which again affirms the State’s preeminence not just as West Africa’s commercial hub but also its entertainment nerve-centre,” Ayorinde said, adding that the beauty of this assertion is that the surge in the creative enterprise over the yuletide period was felt by all and sundry; was statistically measurable and is now a subject of discussion among analysis.


The Commissioner said there was a slight correlation between the horrific gridlock in some parts of Lagos during the yuletide season and the huge trading by residents and visitors leading to seasonal job provision and economic gains.

According to him, the high volume of economic activity that were directly related to tourism-related visits, entertainment and leisure accounted for a significant chunk of the total value of transactions in the State of 21million residents whose estimated GDP of $136bn in 2018 is regarded as the fifth largest in Africa, after Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Algeria.

The statement attributed the State’s continued high performance in the creative economy to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s deliberate interest in and commitment to the development of infrastructure, security and ideas that impact positively on tourism, entertainment and shopping.

He cited the State’s “innovative Calendar of Arts and Culture events which was released in January 2018 specifically to assist both local and foreign visitors in planning their visit to and around Lagos with a detailed guide of festivals and art events available in each month.”

Ayorinde said: “December has always recorded the busiest footfall in Lagos from figure obtained from immigration and aviation authorities. Aside the One Lagos Fiesta which drew over two million visitors cumulatively across its five venues over eight days from December 24 to 31st, other big concerts like those by Davido, Whiz Kid, Burma Boy, Adekunle Gold, Rhythm Unplugged and Sound City Awards also attracted large crowd into Lagos and of course huge spending.


“Hotels were filled to capacity in most parts of the State and we are aware that Lagos and Calabar benefited from additional scheduled flights due to the huge attractions of Calabar Carnival, OLF and the A-list Concerts in Lagos.”

He added that virtually all the entertainment sub-sectors recorded huge spendings in billions over the yuletide period with 15 top foreign and local box office hit films released across the state hitting a record N3bn revenue in December alone; while parks, beaches and other resorts also recorded remarkable, sometimes unprecedented patronage from reports made available to the state government.

The statement added that the December 2018 high creative economy spending in the state corroborates the two key important global tourism industry indicators that were favourable to Lagos in 2018.

First was the British report in Daily Mail of London in April 2018 listing Lagos alongside Nairobi, Kenya as the top non-European destinations among British travelers planning for summer holiday. The second was the MasterCard Global Travel Index released in October 2018 ranking Lagos as the most visited city in sub-Saharan Africa in 2018.

The Commissioner said these remarkable global recognition and last December’s good business outlook in the creative sphere were in tandem with the vision of Governor Ambode to make Lagos the creative hub in Africa and “to assure corporate institutions and investors that the State security and social infrastructure can support the ever growing entertainment and creative landscape in Lagos.

“The night economy has fully returned and every part of the state duly felt the impact of a vibrant tourism, art and entertainment eco-system In December.”

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Canadian Visa Expert Gives Seven Tip For Those Interested In A Canadian Visa




There are valuable tips to consider when applying for a visa.

These application tips and relevant immigration guidelines vary with each country.

However, for those interested in studying abroad with particular reference to Canada, below are the 7 tips to think of when applying for a Canadian visa.


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Shocker: Hemingway Safaris Africa Holds Widow To Ransom



Hemingway Safaris Africa

In the past, travel and tour agencies in Nigeria have been faced with reports of inconsistencies and in some cases fraud.

One traveling and tours company which is currently being accused of being inconsiderate  in the face of an unpleasant situations is Hemingway Safaris Africa.

According to a Nigerian widow who identified herself as Omotunde Eyiowuawi, Hemingway Safaris Africa, does not operate with consideration for unpalatable and unfortunate situation which befalls their patrons.

Speaking with, Eyiowuawi explained how the company has been holding her to ransom since the death of her husband, Olayinka.

Explaining how she got involved with Hemingway Safaris Africa, Eyiowuawi said she and her late husband Olayinka had approached the traveling agency to plan for a family vacation.

Having gone for a training at the company’s office situated at LCCI Conference and Exhibition Centre, Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State, Eyiowuawi revealed that the agency availed her and her husband the opportunities available to them.

Speaking further, Eyiowuawi said ” my husband bought the idea, believing it would serve as “exposure” to the kids.”

“They had plan for five years, 20 years and we said we do not need it for five years and we asked them for the lowest plan and they told us, explaining that if we should join them that day, they will give us a bonus.”

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She revealed that her late husband, Olayinka, presented a cheque of N250,000 initially and later presented another worth N250,000 to enable the family enjoy a family vacation in South Africa.

However, the trip would not see the light of the day, as her husband passed on before the trip could become a reality.

Efforts to recoup the 500,000.00 invested in the trip which yet to see the light of the day have failed. She revealed that the death of her husband and the fact that she has told the agency that she needs the money to fix the leaking roof of her house and also  pay her kids school fees has not helped matters.

Asked by if the agency had told her during the training that the money invested into the trip was none refundable, Eyiowuawi said “one of the staff of the agency had told them the day they presented the cheque that they had three days to come back for it if they are no more interested in the package, but no one could envisage that death could happen.”

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The woman said that the company is now maintaining that since the three days had elapsed, the only other solution is for me to convince another person to part with the said amount for a travel package for her to be refunded.

“Now the company is saying that the fund had been invested and in such investment there is no refund, ” she said.

Eyiowuawi, however counters the claim of the company that the funds had been invested already, saying that they had not been given visas and neither had they submitted their passports when her husband died on August 23, 2018.

With all efforts to recoup her money back failing, she has now turned  to Nigerians and other regulating bodies to help salvage the situation., reached out to the travel agency via phone and spoke with Arthur Paul on 07055300*** who told us to send a mail to for a reaction to the allegation.

Though the mail was acknowledged, there was no reaction received from the traveling and tour agency, Hemingway Safaris Africa, as at time of going to press.

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