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Will Respite Come For Maryam Elisha?




A common saying is that you “don’t kick a man who is already down.”

Maryam Elisha of ‘Rikaotobyme’ is presently down and drowning as a result of a dress scandal she recently found herself in.

Unfortunately for her, respite has refused to come, as efforts to appeal to Laureta Sawyer, the aggrieved client whose dress actress Mercy Aigbe got from the designer for her 40th birthday photo shoot remains abortive.

The only respite Elisha has gotten came via a pre-litigation letter sent by Sawyer’s lawyers making it clear that despite breaching her contract, she could still make amends via compensation.

While Sawyer might want to make an example of Elisha, given what has happened, there is need to consider the designer as a sinking ship.

Obviously, Elisha’s biggest career challenge off this scandal still lies ahead of her.

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