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Why There Is Nothing New About Dr. Sid’s “Interesting EP”



Dr. Sid

For a lot of people, Mavin Records singer, Dr. Sid has made a big return, dropping a 16 minute EP titled “The Interesting EP”.

However, what is unknown to music pundits is that there is nothing new in the EP which has been described as an average body of work.

Dr SID Talks "The Interesting EP," Ladipoe & 8 Years Of Mavin Records

Explaining why he dropped the EP, Dr. Sid said that he felt like he needed to put together a body of work and he just put together a collection of songs he had recorded.

Speaking further on the EP, he said the lead song “That’s Interesting” about two years ago, while other songs on the EP were recorded over the past few years.

“I just work and create music, at the end of the day, it’s a simple situation of you creating music, and putting together a collection. To me, my music has always expressed versatility, on different sounds and genres, so that’s pretty much my thing. If you listen to my previous projects, you get that. And this one’s no different.

“So that song was recorded in 2017, it was, you know – we were just creating music and Don Jazzy came up with an amazing vibe and an amazing chorus. It was a conversation, like “hmm, you say you’ll be there with me when I dun hammer, that’s interesting,” and we just built it from there. I think the chemistry that we have over the years shone through on that track once again, the same energy we put into “Surelere” and “Kabiyesi”, we put into [That’s Interesting] and hope that people feel it and enjoy the vibe.

Explaining the timing of the release of the EP, Dr. Sid said:

“There’s no specific time. I turned 40 on May 1 and would have preferred it came out on my birthday, but that couldn’t happen ‘cos of schedule, so we put it out a week after, you know? And it fell on the Mavin anniversary, so it was just perfect.

Dr. Sid

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