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Why Oral Sex Is Not An Option



Are you addicted to giving oral s*x? Do you want to get more health details of the s*x act? You’d surely find this article very helpful.

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For a long time before now, discussing oral sex was a no-no for many reasons. But in these days of social media through which every conceivable topic finds its way to public domain, oral sex has also become one of the hot topics for discussions.
However, it’s very necessary for you to know the possible risks you may be exposed to if you opt for this form of s*xual gratification.
Indeed, whether we’re talking of fellatio (oral contact with male organ), cunnilingus (oral contact with female organ) or anilingus (oral contact with the anus), there are health risks attached.
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So, what are the possible risks you’re exposed to through oral s*x? These ones….
Oral Cancer: You may not be a heavy smoker or a heavy drinker before you contact this cancer! This is because human papillomavirus can be passed from person to person during s*x, including oral s*x. And this can lead to oral cancer in the long term.
Others are sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes Simplex Virus (Types 1 and 2), Human Papilomavirus and HIV.
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