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Ways to know it’s time to relocate your home



There are certain telltale signs that will guide you to the knowledge of the fact that it’s time to relocate from your present home. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 ways to know it’s time to relocate your home.

Too Many Bad Memories

When you find yourself reliving bad, sad or difficult memories almost everyday of your life in your present house, and everything in the house reminds you of something you don’t want to remember or be reminded of, then it’s probably time to make plans to relocate from the house. Your peace of mind should be worth more than anything, and if you cannot have that in your present house then it probably time to leave.


Family Ties

There is nothing like having familial support in your day to day life, especially when your family is hands-on and genuinely cares about you. If your present house deprives you of this familial support, and you end up missing your loved one’s presence and support so much that it becomes almost unbearable, then it’s might be time to relocate your house to one with some proximity to your loved ones.


You Can Afford Better

There’s no better reason to relocate your home than for the fact that you can afford a better house with more room and in a better neighbourhood. It gives a great feeling of progress and achievement.


You Spend More Time in Your Car Than in Your Home

Too many Nigerians are familiar with this because of the country’s traffic situation. Sometimes coming back home from work can be an extremely tiring experience, that is worsened when your home is far away from your place of work. It’ll be much easier for you if you moved to a house closer to your place of work. Therefore, if your house is far away from your place of work, it might be time to relocate your home to a place closer to your workplace to ease some of the stress of commuting from home to work.

Your Finances are Tight

The landlord might have just increased the rent or maybe you recently lost a job, but basically, for one reason or the other, the rent of your home has become too much of a burden on you financially. At this junction, it might be time to consider relocating to a more affordable home that is less stressful for you financially.

Neighbourhood and Environmental Issues

When the neighbourhood of your present home has become practically a nightmare to live in, with one issue occurring after another, it might be time to relocate to another house with a better neighbourhood. The same applies to environmental issues also. There are some housing environments that have over the years become filthy and unhealthy for residential activities; people living in the environment tend to complain of one contagious health issue or another. If this is what applies in the environment of your house, then it might be time to relocate to another.

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