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Why I Left Chocolate City, Ice Prince Zamani Opens Up



Ice Prince

A lot of people still ask why Ice Prince Zamani left Chocolate City.

The singer who has since gone solo by becoming an independent artiste recently revealed the reason.

In a recent interview, he explained that he parted ways with the once famed label known for having talented artistes on its bill because he needed some independence.

“I think it came from me deciding to be independent. When I was using the chocolate city structure I had more to use/more tunes… going independent and staying in the studio for a while, I personally decided to remain in the studio for a long time and now … I’m still looking for the sound that I think is dope. So being independent and staying in the studio, I think that kind of like…”

Presently, the ac is spending more time in the studio, as he continues to look for the tune that will make his next hit.

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