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Who Said Jide Omokore Has Bounced Back?



Bounced Back

Very few businessmen have seen as much tribulation as Jide Omokore. Indeed, in recent years, the man has been through a lot.

From a very confident businessman, the Chairman of Atlantic Drilling Energy Drilling Concept Nigeria Limited was reduced to a shadow of himself, with the rumour mills saying that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) reduced the depth of his pocket.

Just when Omokore was beginning to adapt to his new status came the speculation that he had bounced back.

Those behind the attempt at laundering his image told everyone who cared to listen that he had abandoned his old office on Glover Road, Ikoyi for a more beautiful one located at Jide Oki Street also in Ikoyi.

However, that appears to be the only move that the man has made since his supposed bouncing back. Those who really believed that fable are now pondering on the truth of the tale once told.

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