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Ways to Fast Track Your WiFi Connection




Many people cannot do without the internet which strongly depends on the strength of the WiFi. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, you will be unable to do anything which may result in you missing your deadlines. A slow WiFi may not be the fault of your service provider but could be that your Wi-Fi connection is being remotely disrupted which is why Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal points out a few ways to speed up your WiFi.
Router positioning
The position of your router can also determine how fast your WiFi will be. The farther your PC from the WiFi router the slower the connection. Also, the height of the router can also make a significant difference.
Wireless interference and noise
With nearly every device requiring electromagnetic waves to function, it should not surprise you that these wireless devices are interfering with your WiFi connection. Devices such as Microwave, phone mast Bluetooth, hotspots, printers, and microwaves are some the interfering gadgets. Although these devices are not on the same frequency with the router, they still do well to disrupt your signal.

Avoid downloading large files

A video is one large file to download from the internet. The result? All your connection will be focused on the file you are downloading rather than sharing data proportionally with the other websites you are attempting to open. Thus, avoid downloading large files.

Check if your WiFi is being tapped
Routers are passworded which makes it difficult for others to use unless they get your permission. But if you suspect that your WiFi is unusually slow, you should check your setting if your connection is being illegally shared. If this is the case, delete it and change your password.
Replace your WiFi antenna
If none of the aforementioned is the problem, then it is maybe your WiFi antenna. The router’s antenna may be too short to pick signals. Purchasing a WiFi antenna will definitely boost your signal and give you wider reach and coverage.

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