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5 Ways to Pack for Travel With Kids like a Pro



It takes patience and painstaking effort to go with children on vacation. You have to keep an eye on them because they can be restless and are a serious distraction for other passengers. But how will you deal with packing for the kids on a short notice? If you do not want to spend hours buried under a pile of toys,, Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal shares some quick packing tips.

Find out your baggage limit
You will be playing into the hands of airlines if you exceed the acceptable luggage limit because they will be happy to make extra cash off you. Hence, if you know the baggage limit, you should streamline how you pack. You may even get a pass to carry additional baggage because of your kids but try to find out the details first.
Store essentials in a single pack
The essentials are your passports, tickets, toys, hotel reservation and transport details. Summarily, all the items that are difficult and expensive to replace or recover should be in a small bag that can easily be accessible if and when you need them.

Teach your kids to pack themselves
If your kids are old enough, you should show them how to do it. It will definitely reduce the time you spend packing. You simply expend this packing time on your planning your itinerary in Calabar.

Decide what you need while travelling
Since you are travelling with your kids or an infant, what you pack for them should be the priority. If you are unwilling to pay additional luggage fee, you should cut down on your luggage. This said you must set aside what you need on the road like an extra pair of clothes for your child, diapers, feeding bottle, toys, among other things. You should keep these items in a separate handheld bag.
Don’t forget to double-check
Imagine if you forget the diapers of your baby at home, that’s an extra cost on diapers. You may rue forgetting some items because you are even if you travelling on a budget.




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