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‘Wanted’ Kiss Daniel Clears The Air




Since his exit from G-Worldwide Entertainment, Kiss Daniel has been trending negatively.


First, the singer was painted in the wrong light by his former label when he decided he was not renewing his contract, after his initial one ended.     Following the subsequent misunderstanding that ensued, many quickly tagged him ungrateful.


As if that was not bad enough, Kiss Daniel, was again accused of promoting sexual abuse with his ‘Yeba’, a massive hit.


This chain of negativity has thus seen the singer trying to clear his image of any negative speculation.


Having been declared wanted by Dolapo Badmus, Police Zonal Public Relations Officer on his Instagram account, many had wondered what trouble the singer had gotten himself in. While some thought it was over something serious, the singer cleared the air. He revealed the Police wanted him only because they needed him to be a part of a security concert.

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