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Uti Nwachukwu Slams Nigerians Participating In Jesus Challenge



Nigerian celebrity, Uti Nwachukwu, has condemned those participating in the ‘Jesus’ challenge.

The ‘Jesus’ challenge is the concept of gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey.

Expressing his distaste for the challenge, Nwachukwu revealed that he asked some people what the “Jesus” challenge was all about after seeing it on his timeline and was told by those participating that they are trying to “bring Jesus to Nigeria to save us”.

He wondered why Nigerians would be “bringing in God” to do what they are supposed to do, pointed out that those who were killed in a Catholic church in Owo, Ondo state on Sunday, June 5, were probably shouting Jesus while their lives were snuffed out of their bodies.

Further, he alleged that religion has made people docile and further asked when they are going to do the right thing by getting their PVCs which is the necessary action at this time.

He also said that most of those shouting Jesus may also not have their PVCs. Nwachukwu urged Nigerians to take action by getting their PVCs and not fall for the “religious incantations our parents did for years”.

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