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US 2020: There Will Be Crisis After Trump’s Exit-Chris Oyakhilome




Christ Embassy’s General Overseer, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has revealed that all won’t be calm after the exit of President Donald Trump from office.

Pastor Oyakhilome revealed this in a powerful prophecy on the future of America and the world after the presidential election.

Speaking during a sermon, Pastor Oyakhilome forecasted that if Americans, especially Christians believe that everything in their nation and around the globe will be as they have ever dreamed, then they are wrong.

He warned Christians not to be fooled into thinking that the defeat of Donald Trump will end the problems they face presently.

He said: “If you are a Christian, better know this. Don’t think that if we just get Trump out of the way then everything will just calm. It will not be calm. They hate you and he seems to protect you, that is the problem.”

Pastor Oyakhilome revealed that Trump lost his popularity among the American elite due to two factor: the first being that he did not go to them for sponsorship during his campaign in 2015 and that secondly, the former US leader supported Christians while in power.

Oyakhilome noted that before Trump’s victory in the 2015 presidential election, he was the darling of the American aristocracy, but after assuming office, he became an obstacle.

His words: “They are angry at Trump for supporting Christians. So the real ones they hate are you who are Christians. That is what the hatred of Trump is all about. It’s got nothing to do with Trump.

“Before he started giving his voice in support of Christians and before he started giving his voice in support of Israel, he was their darling, they loved him.

“But because he didn’t come for their sponsorship and they didn’t expect him to become President, they blamed the Christians for voting him into office and that is what they hate him for.”

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