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Still On Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo



Lanre Oyegbola

Great men set goals and try at all cost to achieve them. If for any reason they fail, they accept the reality of the situation and try again.

This is the making of Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo, popular among his associates as LOS.

A man with a strong desire to serve his people, he has remained focus on the goal for a while.

Seeking to occupy the office of Chairman of Abeokuta North Local Government in Ogun State, Sodipo has not faltered from his desire despite a delay in the election.

The secret behind the strength of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Boomerang Havas Africa who has garnered several years of experience in the Marketing Communication and Media industry is his passion to give back to humanity.

Not desperate to serve as a typical politician, Sodipo has proven to be an ideal gentleman even in politics, maintaining that as a progressive democrat, politics is not a ‘do or die affair’, as there will always be next time.

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