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Top 3 ways Nigerian bloggers can make money without Adsense



The first go-to for any Nigerian blogger when it comes to monetizing their blog is AdSense.  It is no surprise as AdSense is one of the best contextual online advertising networks for any blog as well as one of the safest blog monetization networks available to today, thanks to the quality of ads and recurring income it generates.


Adsense is however not for newbies. Basically, before you can earn tangible income through Adsense, your traffic must be in tens of thousands, nothing less, and new bloggers find this very frustrating, even discouraging. Luckily, there are other ways bloggers looking to make substantial income with their blogs can monetize their blogs without Adsense. And with that in mind,, Africa’ No.1 online hotel booking site offers top 3 ways Nigerian bloggers can make money without Adsense.



This is an easy and direct way to make money for your blog. You find a lot of Nigerian blogs already doing it, with LindaIkeji blog and BellaNaija blog at the forefront.  All you need to do it is sell space on your website for advertisers to display a banner. Deals are worked out so that an advertiser can display an ad for a fixed amount of time for an agreed fee with the blog manager. This can be a very lucrative method as it allows you to cut out the middleman and charge what you want for other people to advertise on your site.



This method is slowly gaining recognition in the Nigerian online media market. Affiliate marketing is a huge money maker as it can earn any blogger a sizable income from their blog. It is also an easy process: You place ads or links of your chosen affiliate product/service on your blog, when a reader clicks on these links and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission from the product/service provider. It however requires researching and analyzing your niche to understand what your readers are looking to buy. You need to be smart in choosing the product or service you want to promote and you have to make sure you do not overdo the promotion and lose your readers. Jumia, Jovago, Dealdey, etc are some popular affiliate networks. You can also choose to directly join an affiliate program offered by websites like ClickBank, ShareASale, Skimlinks, AffiliateWindow, e.t.c


Nigeria is a large society filled with enthusiastic consumers! Rather than just blog about something, why not sell the product, service or skill directly on your website? Perhaps you are a beautician and have whipped up a product that can help people track with skin issues or you are a good cook or chef who has a special spice mix that you use in your recipes,  you could sell these products on your blog for a small fee. Maybe you are a writer and you have short fiction stories or you are programmer and you design apps, you can upload your work or designs on the site and allow people to download them at a fee.  From designing the product, to pricing and marketing it, you are the boss of it all, so, the more effort you put in the more money you can make. With time, they can gain popularity and it becomes a full-time business for you, aside from your blog. The unique thing about this is that you have the world to sell your product to, compared to selling a product in an online shop with a small customer basis.


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