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Benin Unveiled! Here’s 5 great markets to explore in this city



The vibrant and exotic atmosphere of the markets in Benin City can make shopping lots of fun. From the roadside stores to the shopping streets and popular market centers, the city has numerous perfect markets that can satisfy all shoppers’ desires, including modern pieces and cultural memorabilia. In fact, Benin City located in Edo State, Nigeria has the best markets in the south-south region, with a treasure trove of goods waiting to be discovered.

We at, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal, have summarized 5 markets which are the top 5 to explore while visiting Benin. Check them out on your next tour of the city!


Oba Market (Ekioba)

The Oba market is found in the heart of Benin City. Very popular and lively, Oba market has something for everyone and is frequently visited by travelers from neighboring states buying and selling all kinds of goods. The market is broken down into distinct sections: meat and frozen goods are mainly sold on the left-hand side of the road, while household goods, books, magazines, linen, and ironmongery occupy the right. You will find goods from almost everywhere in this market, and It is a great place to shop for things to take back home if you are visiting the city. You will, however, need all your bargaining skills to get a really decent price.

Ekeosa Market (Queen’s Market)

Predominantly a food market, Ekeosa Market is located along Sapkonba road, stretching all the way to the heart if the city. Featuring hundreds of stalls selling a mind-boggling variety of items, the market also offers other kinds of products as local soap, toiletries, cosmetics, and has a section devoted to traditional medicines.  The market can be fascinating and disorienting at the same time. Visitors are advised not to touch or damage stalls as they pass, and keep their bags and possessions close at hand. The place remains one of the most popular markets among expats and locals.


Uselu Market

Stretching almost three miles, Uselu market is located along Uselu Lagos Road , Benin City and is a well-known shopping area that offers a dizzying array of items. There are more than 600 shops offering anything a shopper could want. Mostly patronized by students at the University of Benin Ugbowo Campus, the area is particularly bright and fun in the eveningsmaking it a fun area to visit. It is also an ideal place for looking around and sampling the delicious local snacks.

Oliha market

Oliha market , located in the Siloku road area of Benin City gives a unique experienceas it  provides an interesting glimpse into the Benin culture. It is one of the oldest markets in Benin and is abuzz with shoppers, most swarming around in search of farm produce cultivated in the interior villages. Aside from the farm produce, Oliha Market also has sections for clothes, food items, drinks, locally made beads and fabrics; and just like Ekeosa Market, one of this market’s main attractions is the sale of objects for Benin traditional worship and rituals such as native chalks, red, white and black fabrics, alligator pepper, tortoise, Ostrich, feathers, animal skulls and bones. E.t.c


New Benin Market

New Benin Market is one of the largest, busiest and most popular markets in the city, and it is certainly a shopping enthusiast’s paradise. Located in the New Benin – Mission road and New Lagos road area, the commodities offered are various and comprehensively stocked. They are sold at really good prices such as food items, electronics, clothes and fabrics, traditional beads as well as a large bush meat section. The market may always be crowded, disorganized and ridden with traffic, but pay a visit to witness even the creme de la creme crowd of Benin in terms of fashion and fancy. It is important to remember that not all of the items are genuine and you have to haggle hard if you want to purchase something.

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