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Tokunbo Afikuyomi Surfaces



Since he lost political reckoning years ago, former Lagos State Commissioner of Tourism, Tokunbo Afikuyomi has lived a lifestyle off the radar.

Occasionally stepping out for a personal event or executing jobs saddled with him by his bosses, he lost presence at social gatherings and even at the exclusive champagne parties he was once known for throwing.

His loss of political relevance was attributed to the controversies that he courted while trying to achieve both his set goals and objectives and those imposed on him by his political lords.

Afikuyomi, however, surfaced at a social gathering recently when he was a guest at an event which took place in Leeds, the United Kingdom on Monday, July 22. He joined the family of a friend to celebrate their son who had just graduated from Leeds University, United Kingdom.

For those who had not seen Afikuyomi in a while, it was an opportunity to get reacquainted.

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