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Why Tim Godfrey Is Telling Fans Not To Attend His Concert




Gospel musicians are known to be quite reserved and conservative with their utterances.

However, things are quickly changing, as some of them are becoming really vocal.

Tim Godfrey, convener of ‘Fearless’, an annual gospel music concert is one of those becoming very vocal.

The music video director stunned a lot of people recently when he talked about his Fearless project.

During the interview, Tim Godfrey, talked about the difference between paid music show and free gospel concerts. The Video Director revealed that while most people feel free to pay huge sums for secular music shows, they find it hard to pay same for gospel concerts.

“A lot of my colleagues will not like what I am about to say, but they forget that bringing a Grammy Award artiste to your event cost a lot of money. He will bring his crew, and they will fly first class or business class, demand a bulletproof vehicle and you have to lodge them in a classy hotel,” Tim Godfrey said.

Tim Godfrey, goes on to say that he will be organising an event later in the year with a price tag if N 20,000 and anybody who doesn’t want to come can stay away.

“If it is only 20 people that come I am okay. In other countries, people don’t attend free concerts because they feel that it won’t have any content. I and some friends did a concert in South Africa, and it was a sold out concert despite the fact that attendees had to pay for it.”

Asides being a dynamic music director, Tim Godfrey, has established himself as a song writer, producer and an embodiment of Kirk Franklin unpredictable music ideas. He is also a voice instructor of note. Some of his hit songs include “Na You Be God”, “So Good” and “Bless The Lord”.

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