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Betrayal: Yeni Kuti Spills The Bean On Why Femi And Funke Kuti Really Parted Ways



Yeni Kuti

Yeni Kuti, has been letting out a lot of family secrets and this is really bad.

Secrets that have been kept buried in the Kuti household for several years recently found their way out.

These are secrets directly linked to Funke Kuti’s exit from the home of her ex-husband and Yeni’s brother, the legendary saxophonist, Femi Kuti.

Years back, we tried to unravel the puzzle by hearing it all from the horse’s mouth via an interview, but Funke Kuti humbly turned us down.

According to her, the details of the events that saw her leaving her husband’s house were private. She further explained to us that she has since developed a good relationship with Femi and wouldn’t want to destroy it. This is indeed true, as the duo have been spotted happily together at parties.


Speaking during a Television programme, Yeni Kuti was forced to comment on the development between her brother and his ex-wife when she was alleged of meddling in their marriage.

Reacting to the allegation, Yeni Kuti said “There were thing that happened between both of them. I have a good relationship with her now and I wouldn’t like to go back there. My mother and I didn’t interfere with them. My mum was not an interfering mum. Despite the fact that we live in the same compound. We didn’t interfere until they call us to settle a fight.”

The controversies surrounding the duo of Femi and Funke which eventually led to their parting of ways has been shrouded in speculations with different angles to it.

However, one good news about the whole development remain their son Imade fondly called Made, a young instrumentalist who is growing up fast and taking after his father.

Dark-complexioned, Made, is a contrast to his father and mother who are fair-complexioned.

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