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Tide Changes For Benny Peters



Benedict Peters


A calm sea is always the dream of any sailor. For a businessman on the other hand it is a predictable business environment.

However, this is one luxury which businessman Benny Peters does not have presently.

When he did business during the reign of erstwhile President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Peters had access to all he needed.

He enjoyed everything a businessman given soft landing could dream of. He lived like a monarch from an oil rich Island, he was simply the kind of guy you want to make friends with.

However, Benny’s tide has since changed, as he is not enjoying the best of times anymore under the current dispensation.

Months back, there were talks of his relocating from Nigeria to Ghana, a move many found hard to believe. However, presently, the talk among businessmen in the oil and gas circle is his being declared wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Ironically, friends who used to wine and dine with the CEO of Aieto Group are now keeping away from the one-time golden boy to prevent unnecessary attention.


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