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When Austin Avuru Was Missing In Action





Those who know the boss of Seplat Petroleum Development Company, Austin Avuru, would attest to his brilliance.

Till date, most people ascribe Seplat Petroleum Development Company’s success singlehandedly to Avuru.

The man is also known to be an amiable individual and indeed a talker; hence his friends and colleagues in the oil and gas industry are always keen to hear what he has to say when he talks.

It was on this premise that businessmen and women who had been following his antecedents recently gathered hoping to spot him at an event where he was to be honoured.

However, the man failed to turn up for the award, as a representative of the company was the one who picked up his plaque at the event.

Those who had hoped to spot him at the event and probably share business cards were left a little under the weather by his absence.

Avuru’s representative couldn’t help telling guests at the event that his boss was out of the country, hence his inability to be present.

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