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Celebration Galore For Benny Peters




The best of businessmen run into stormy water. This is indeed true.

Years ago, business challenges saw Femi Otedola selling off Zenon House, then one of his most prized assets. The decision then was taken to enable him to pay off debts, recapitalise and stabilise. The same fate saw Cecilia Ibru, once considered the doyen of the Nigerian banking industry being reduced to almost nothing.

Benny Peters, boss of Aiteo Group, has had his fair share of business tribulations. Once a shining star in the oil and gas industry, Peters became a fugitive of the law before finding his footing once again.

Having swum many troubled seas and oceans, the man now has a reason to celebrate the achievements of his company, Aiteo Group.

In weeks, the organisation which was declared the company of the year at the 2018 Nigerian Oil and Gas Conference Awards will turn 20, and Peters will have a reason to roll out the drums in celebration.

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