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Things you’ll learn after driving an Audi for a week



An Audi is a fashionable and beautiful German car with one of the biggest and most varied model line-ups of any car brand, with almost anything you can ask for or dream of in car. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 things you’ll learn after driving an Audi for a week.

It’s Attractive (but not outrageously so)

Especially for those who want to be classy without being too ostentatious, an Audi is one of the best choices. An Audi has a relatively modest outlook and conservative design that has over time garnered a broad appeal. It has what can best be described as an appealing ‘style-by-stealth’ approach to its design that is certainly working for consumers.

It’s Like Sitting in Your Living Room

Audi has, over the years, acquired a reputation for designing some of the best car interiors in the world. The interior is always well laid out with intuitive controls, and is filled with the best materials that have a functional and user-friendly design to maximize comfort. With the amount of time we spend in cars (especially because of the heavy traffic in the country), riding in an Audi prepares you for a comfortable experience indeed.

Cutting Edge Technology

Audi is one of the car brands that is always at the cutting edge of in-car technology, with an MMI infotainment system that’s among the best available. Its tech is also easy to understand and use, and it’s packed full of interesting features to explore.


This car brand boasts of one of the biggest and most varied model line-ups of any car brand, with virtually everything from any type of consumer. It’s a car brand that has built a car for almost any type of consumer. From supermini cars to SUVs to supercars, there’s something for everyone. Just decide on which of their line-ups you prefer, and after driving it for a week, you’ll very likely find it’ll suit you just right.

Brilliant Engine

Audi cars generally have a strong engine and transmission, that’s not too noisy with a very good throttle response. The car is able to tune out a significant amount of mechanical ‘music’ and has a great (even addictive) acceleration. However, be sure to stay within legal speed limits because careless speeding kills and can really wreck your sweet ride.

You’ll Fall in Love

If you’re not already in love with Audi cars, you’ll definitely fall head over heels for it after driving it for a week. Aside its strong body-shell that gives impressive protection from the occasional careless driver that collides with your car, the car is classy and elegant enough to draw quite a number of admirable looks (and/or stares) here and there. It’s also what can be called a solid car and you’re very likely to enjoy driving it, as long as you drive it responsibly, take care of it well and have a good mechanic to service and maintain it for you.

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