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Things people with long hair will understand



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Most people with long hair have realized having beautiful long hair comes at a big (sometimes gross and incredible annoying) cost. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 7 things people with long hair go through all the time.

Leaving a Trail of Hair Wherever You Go

Especially when you comb your hair, it sometimes sheds a lot and leaves the whole place messy. So you often have to collect your hair in little hairballs and dispose them.

The Pain of Having Your Hair Caught in Random Objects

This can be quite painful and happens often when you let your long hair down. Your hair keeps getting stuck here and there and you have keep cutting here and there to set it free, till you get tired and frustrated and just pack the darn thing.

Constantly Cutting Hairbands

Since your hair and hair bands never seem to want to part ways because the hair bands are constantly coming to your rescue in times of distress, you inescapably have to experience the ire of dealing with these hair bands constantly getting weak and cutting, and you always having  to replace them in a frustrating and tiring cycle.

Everyone Wants to Touch It

This is totally nerve raking. Most people are not content to just admire, they feel the need to touch and sometimes drag the hair (painfully pulling out a few strands) in an attempt to ‘feel the texture’. Some people are so forward with the whole process, that they don’t even consider it necessary to actually ask the owner of the hair if it’s okay to invade her personal space that way and attack her hair strands with their hands.

Untangling Your Hair is a Struggle

Especially when you hair is due or you’ve packed it without plaiting for a while, combing through the potential tangles in your hair becomes a struggle for ages. Then, the comb breaks halfway through and you just get tired.

Drying Your Hair Takes Forever

The more, the merrier right? But with long hair, it’s more like the more, the more stressful. With long hair, it seems like drying your hair takes forever; then, your hands get tired working to cover every area of your hair and your arms start to ache in the process. Please, let’s not even talk of what when happens when you decide afterward to straighten your hair.

Fantasizing about Cutting Your Hair but Realizing You Love it Some Much You Can’t

Even with all the stress, you can’t just chop off the long hair because you have a bond with it you probably can’t even understand. Truth is, even with the struggles, you love having the long hair regardless of if it’s a pain in the scalp sometimes.

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