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Next time you’re at the airport, you can pick them out to pass time and keep yourself occupied while waiting to board the plane. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 types of people you meet at the airport.

The First Time Flyers

They typically get swept off in the enthusiasm of their first flight experience. They are sometimes clueless about certain aspects relating to the flight (which is fine, since it’s their first time and we’ve all been there) and they sometimes have a lot of questions to ask. Some also tend to get excited about random events relating to the flight. They may or may not get scared or hysterical at every turbulence and they’re the only people paying attention when there’s a safety briefing on the plane.

The Late People

They are those who are never on time for a flight, whose names are constantly being announced a few minutes before departure. Sometimes, they get left behind and sometimes they make the call, appearing suddenly on the plane, looking stressed and/or panting and breathing heavily from having run all the way.

The Seasoned Travellers

These guys are fazed by nothing and are constantly wonderfully mellow almost regardless of what happens during the flight. Come turbulence, come smooth flight, they are hardly shaken. These category of people are typically a little advanced in years (maybe 45 or 50 and above) and have been travelling for a long time. They’ve learnt the art of staying calm and enjoying the trip, not only the destination.

The Business Man or Woman with the Three or Two Piece Suit

As the name suggests, these people are typically always in a suit of some kind, are smart with their gait and casually display their ticket at the counter while simultaneously talking loudly (and importantly) down at someone on his/her shiny Samsung Galaxy S7/S8 or Iphone 7 or 7 plus. They are mainly business class flyers, are known by almost everyone in the airport and navigate the airport like it’s their backyard.

The Light Travellers

Those who travel to another continent with a tiny hand-bag like suitcase, fall into this category. You sometimes look at them in awe and wonder if they’re travelling or going for a sleepover. Then, you wonder how on earth they do it when you compare your giant ‘ghana must go’ like suitcase to their hand-bag like suitcase. These types of people are mainly men and you sometimes might catch one or two stunned eyes on them.

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