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The true story of Omo Akin alleged attack




Serious doubt is what is currently trailing the alleged attack of pop music act, Omo Akin, by animals in Omu Resort, Lagos.

The story that he was attacked while in the resort was released by those in his team earlier in the week.

However, it is now been trailed by doubts as posers are being asked as to how well caged animals in the resort attacked the artiste.

Omo Akin’s story and picture released with it is currently being tagged a media hype to boost the image of the artiste.

Meanwhile, Olabisi Falase, head communication and strategy, Omu Resort has opened up on the allegation made against the resort by Omo Akin.

Speaking in a phone interview with he said “everything the music act said about the relaxation spot was a lieHe has called severally to apologise on the issue since we took actions against him. It is now beyond us because when you make such false allegation you are creating pandemonium in town. It is now between him and the state government,”Falase said.

Furthermore, Falase said Omo Akin was shooting a video and needed attention for the flick. He revealed that the pictures released were photo shopped, as the singer never visited the Resort nor did he even spend time at the hospital where he claimed to have been hospitalised.

OmoAkin’s joins the list of artistes who have gone too far all in the name of promoting a video or single. Mr. Song, also did something similar when he granted an interview saying his parents were siblings only to deny it later saying that it was a stunt to promote his single title Mandela.


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