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Leisure Park And Film Village Asaba Set To Unveil “Discover Delta” Initiative




Leisure Park and Film Village Asaba is set to unveil a tourism-centric initiative tagged “Discover Delta”.

Powered by Nigeria’s leading amusement park and resort, Omu Resort, “Discover Delta”, is a multifaceted initiative that promises to redefine the tourism landscape in Delta State.

Set to be launched in September 2023, “Discover Delta” encompasses a series of enchanting tourism-focused events, projects, and agendas to be unveiled in due course.

Speaking on the concept, Joseph Umukoro, a representative of Leisure Park and Film Village Asaba said “The concept, “Discover Delta” is a platform that will propel Delta State into the global spotlight, presenting the world with a captivating blend of the state’s culture, heritage, and diverse attractions.”

Further, he noted that at the heart of “Discover Delta” lies a palpable passion to nurture a deep appreciation for Delta State’s cultural heritage and breathtaking attractions that will position it as a global tourism hub.

“Discover Delta” will first be unveiled with two remarkable endeavors that embody the organisation’s commitment to elevating tourism experiences in Delta State, while others follow.

“The “Discover Delta” initiative involves a whole lot including the celebration of the rich heritage of Delta State from the history of the first Olu of Warri till date, a talent hunt that encompasses comedy, the movie and music industry among others. However, we are starting with the unveiling of a coffee book and a 45-minute documentary. The coffee book is a 200-page literary masterpiece that invites readers on a thrilling pictorial journey into the realms of tourism, culture, and cuisines of Delta State. It is an exquisitely crafted volume that beckons global tourists to step into a world of colors, flavors, and narratives that weave the essence of Delta State.

“The coffee book invites readers on an immersive journey through the vibrant stories, the traditions, and the awe-inspiring landscapes that define Delta State. On its part, the 45-minute documentary; a visual narrative that captures the essence of Delta State’s uniqueness via storytelling and breathtaking visuals complements the literary endeavor.

“The documentary unveils the magic of Delta State’s treasures, shedding light on the hidden gems, the cultural vibrancy, and the awe-inspiring natural wonders that await discovery,” Umukoro said.

Furthermore, he said that as a son of the soil, he is very excited as the company prepares for the official launch of the “Discover Delta” campaign in September 2023.

“Culminating from meticulous planning, creative ingenuity, and a shared passion for Delta State’s rich culture, this campaign sets the stage for a transformative chapter in our tourism journey.

“The “Discover Delta” slogan encapsulates our shared mission—to unite, promote, and celebrate the captivating allure of tourism in Delta State. With unbridled enthusiasm, we invite all to rally under this banner and embrace the remarkable journey that “Discover Delta” promises. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of our home and set forth a legacy that future generations will cherish,” he concluded.

Leisure Park and Film Village Asaba is a one-of-a-kind theme park located on Anwai Road, Asaba, Delta State. It boasts exciting facilities including one of the largest man-made lakes housing a wave pool, kayaking, waterslides, swimming pool, and others. The zoo section has over 70 rarely-seen, eye-catching animals from over 50 species in secure enclosures, all in a serene and comfortable environment that guarantees fun-seekers a good time.

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