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The Aura Of Khadijat Abdullahi-Iya



Khadijat Abdullahi-Iya

The intelligence of Khadijat Abdullahi-Iya, Vice Presidential candidate of Alliance for New Nigeria (ANPP), can’t be missed at first meeting.

Dark-complexioned, private, humble and extremely amiable are some of the words that describe the woman.

However, she is far from that. A patriot, Abdullahi-Iya, has the interest of the country and its youth at heart, and this is evident in her work with children in northern Nigeria.

Hardly will you meet the woman without her impacting on you. At a recent meeting, her hunger to see a better Nigeria in the near future was too evident, as she addressed guests at the gathering. This was despite the fact that she just dabbed into politics.


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