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Still On Senator Gbenga Ashafa




The appointment of Senator Gbenga Ashafa as the Managing Director of the Federal Housing Authority by President Muhammadu Buhari was a ray of light in his momentarily bleak political career.

Like a sinking ship abandoned by its captain, the political career of Senator Ashafa was almost at a crossroad having failed to return to the Senate, and with his place in the upper chamber taken by the now-deceased Senator Adebayo Osinowo.

Redeemed by the new appointment, many had expected that the fair-complexioned man would hit the ground running, but nothing celebratory has been heard from the office that Senator Ashafa now occupies.

While his cronies have said that it is that it is still early days yet on the job, there are those who hold the opinion that a race started slowly does not always end with a victory, hence the popular saying by late British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill that “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

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