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Like Mohammed Indimi; Like Rasak Okoya




Indimi Mohammed

The duo of Alhaji Mohammed Indimi and Chief Rasak Okoya share a lot in common.

Take away the fact that one is based in Maiduguri, northern Nigeria, and the other in Lagos, western Nigeria, and the differences between the two are not that much.

Asides being a major force in their individual geopolitical social circle, they are also both men that are well respected.

They are also known for their many parties, either celebrating a birthday or a wedding.

Just recently, Alhaji Indimi celebrated one of his daughters Adama who after a long spinsterhood got married to a Kogi Prince, Malik Ado-Ibrahim.

As if in a competition, Chief Okoya reciprocated days back celebrating his first wife Kuburat who turned 77-year-old.

That celebration has been quickly followed by another, as Oyinlola Okoya, one of the scions of the businessman who recently turned 16-year-old was days back celebrated by her family.

Indeed, there is no denying the celebratory similarity between the duo of Alhaji Indimi and Chief Okoya.

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