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Special Report: Death By Spouse Cases On The Increase




*Signs Of The End Times Says Cleric

*Jealousy Is The Main Factor – Psychologist

Lukmon Akintola


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Marriage in many religions is ‘Till death do us part’. Death being referred to is the natural death; old age or unfortunate accident. But some spouses these days are reinventing the wheel and taking matters into their own hands. If natural death is not coming soon enough, they come in to give the grim reaper a hand.

In recent times, the numbers of death by spouse have been on the rise, such that it is difficult for couples to sleep with both eyes closed.

Though the issue of spouses killing one another is not new in Nigeria, it has however increased drastically in recent times. Not even the threat of jail terms or the fact that a killer will also be killed has reduced the tide.

One of the very first cases of spouse death in the last decade is that involving a Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG), youth pastor, Akolade Arowolo, who killed his banker wife, Titilayo Akolade in cold blood at their Akindehinde Street, Isolo, Lagos State home.

Asides this, another death by a spouse involving a banker was that of Maureen who was tortured and killed by her husband Olaoluwa Adejo at their home on Peluola Street, Oworonshoki, in the Bariga area of the state.

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Adejo, according to his son, used a belt, as well as a machete while abusing his wife for five years before eventually killing her.

Narrating how his mother suffered in the hands of his father, their five-year-old son, Richard said that his father also forced a local insecticide known as ‘otapiapia’, down the throat of his mother.

“I am Richard Adejo. I am five years old. My daddy beat my mummy with a belt; machete her on her arms and legs. He used the belt on her face.

“My daddy said my mummy should get out of the house. My mummy said no. In the night, my daddy woke my mummy up and said, ‘Mosquito is too much, let me go and buy ‘otapiapia’. My daddy forced my mummy to drink it. She shook her head. She vomited.

“My daddy slapped my mummy. My mummy did not do anything to him. My daddy gave her one blow. My daddy kicked her. My daddy told her to get out of the house and carry her load. Small blood came out. My daddy slapped her, kicked her, machete her, blow her, and put otapiapia in her mouth and in the food,” Richard said.

If you think that Maureen’s case is saddening, that of Mr Otike Odibi, who was killed by his 47-year-old wife, Mrs. Udeme Odibi was worse.

The woman killed her 50-year-old husband, Mr Odibi, in Diamond Estate, Sango-Tedo, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State over his will, as she wanted him to give her all of his properties.

A statement signed by the Lagos State Police command’s spokesman, SP Chike Oti, said that the suspect, Mrs Odibi was arrested while also trying to commit suicide.

Oti said that on May 3, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ogombo, Ajah, Lagos, received a distress call at about 7:30 a.m. that one Mr. Odibi was allegedly killed in his house at Diamond Estate, Sango-Tedo Lagos, by his wife, Mrs Odibi.

“Based on the information, the DPO mobilised a team of detectives to the scene where they found the man lying on the bed in the pool of his own blood, with his stomach ripped open and exposing the intestine.”

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If you think that Mrs. Odibi was wicked in killing her husband, you will be shocked to find out what she did to the corpse of the deceased having killed him.

The statement further revealed “the killer severed the deceased’s genital and placed it on his right hand.”

An eyewitness account of the incident revealed that the couple, both of whom are lawyers got married three years ago after the deceased divorced his first wife.

Though the man had a daughter schooling in United Kingdom from his first union, the current marriage hadn’t produced a child till the sad incident.

Further information from a neighbour revealed that the deceased called him on phone in the night before he was murdered, complaining that the wife was threatening to kill him with a knife.

The said neighbour, however, warned him to be careful. The deceased also called his mother and his younger sister complaining of threat to his life that fateful night.

Another similar incident is that of musician Zainab Nielsen, popular as Alizee.

Hardly known, Alizee, became popular as a result of her death. The musician was killed along with her three-year-old daughter, Petra, in their Banana Island, Lagos home by her 53 year old Danish husband, Peter Nielsen.

Nielsen was always at loggerheads with his wife. During one of their arguments, he allegedly hit her head on the wall several times, leading to her death; he also proceeded to poison his daughter, reports claim.

Asides violence and greed, infidelity appears another major cause of spouse death. In this case, the woman accused her husband of infidelity and subsequently stabbed him to death in his sleep for having a baby with another woman.

During interrogation, she allegedly confessed that she killed her husband for cheating on her and having a baby behind her back.

The case of death at the hands of spouses are indeed ample, as another case that comes to mind is that of Haliru Bello, who was killed by his wife, Maryam Sanda.

Having seen a text message on her husband’s phone, Sanda accused him of infidelity and allegedly stabbed him to death in their Maitama, Abuja home. Had he not died from the knife attack on his back and manhood, Bello, would have clocked 36 years in November.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the first time Sanda would attack her husband violently, as she had once bitten off part of his ear during an argument.

If you think that the picture being painted is gory, it is indeed, as the way people who once professed undying love to each other are killing each other nowadays is frightening. Indeed, the next sets of experiences are just as horrible as the previous ones.

On November 27, 2017, an Ibadan-based lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by an Oyo State High Court in lbadan, for stabbing her husband to death.

Oyediran, an assistant director in the Oyo State Ministry of Justice, killed her husband, Lowo Oyediran, a France-based businessman during a domestic scuffle. The unfortunate incident occurred on February 2, 2016, at their 30, Adeniyi Layout, Abidi-Odan, Akobo, Ibadan, home.

Babatunde Eso’s case is even more pitiful. On April 26, the 45-year-old father of six escaped death by the whiskers in Lagos, as he was bathed with a pot of boiling pepper by his wife after a minor disagreement.

Although Eso didn’t die, he suffered severe burns to his head, face, chest, nose and mouth. Following the attack, the victim was unable to speak and had difficulties in breathing, as he fought for his life.

In Eso’ case, trouble actually started between the couple when the man jokingly told his wife that the person calling her on the phone was her boyfriend. It was gathered that the woman burst into uncontrollable rage, which led to a heated argument between the two.

“In the midst of the argument, she grabbed a pot of hot pepper she was steaming on the fire and emptied it on her husband. If not that he received help on time from his neighbours, he would have been dead by now,” the victim’s sister said.

A witness who saw it all said that Eso had just returned from his automobile workshop in Festac Town, Lagos, that fateful day when the wife attacked him.

Her account went thus: “Immediately he returned and went to the sitting-room, his wife’s phone rang. He told the wife that her phone was ringing, and that her boyfriend was on the line. The wife, who was busy boiling pepper for her food business, got infuriated and couldn’t control her temper and emptied the pot of hot pepper she was steaming on his head.”

The list is indeed endless. Folashade Idoko, an auxiliary nurse, was arrested by the police for stabbing her husband, 32-year-old Lawrence Idoko, to death at their home in Ayetoro, Oto-Awori Local Council Development Area of Lagos. The suspect allegedly accused her husband of infidelity and in anger killed him.

Young bride, Aisha Isah, a 14 year old girl is also a spouse killer. Isah killed her 40 year old husband, Isiaka Usman, less than five months into their marriage. She used a pestle to hit her husband, which led to his death at their home in Lifari Village in the Mashegu Local Government Area.

The teenage wife had been complaining to her family members that since she moved into her deceased husband’s house, he had not provided her with money to eat or for her upkeep and that whenever she asked for money to eat, he would ask her to go and eat at her parent’s house.

On the day of the incident, the young bride and her husband got into an argument because she asked him for money to eat since he had not given her food for two days.

According to reports, he slapped her and in anger, Aisha picked up the pestle in their kitchen and hit him on the head with it. He collapsed and was rushed to the Mashegu hospital where he later died.

With the seemingly unending cases of spouse deaths, there have been questions regarding what is causing this level of desperation. Experts who have been speaking ascribe it to jealous rage or morbid jealousy.

Celine Njoku, a Guidance and Counselling psychologist with Education District V, Lagos State Ministry of Education, said jealousy and quest to protect their love from intruders lead to most of these deaths.

According to Njoku, “When a woman starts feeling insecure, she thinks she is at the risk of losing her partner to someone else. Court documents refer to it as jealous rage or morbid jealousy.”

She went on to say that in some cases of prior abuse, it makes the perpetrator lash out with lethal violence. There is an element of madness, hopelessness, frustration and emotional trauma,” Njoku concluded.

Consultant psychiatrist, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, and senior lecturer, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Dr. Yewande Oshodi, criticised the increase in spouse death, saying that it has become a worrisome trend.

According to Oshodi, the killing spree might suggest a huge amount of unresolved frustration among couples with little options or outlets for seeking or receiving support.

“People must be able to ask for help and also deploy appropriate coping skills to handle life’s frustrations and stresses. Murder or suicide is never a solution. A case in which a person chooses to kill a spouse and kill herself is suggestive of a person who has decided to act in a maladaptive or criminal manner of addressing her problems. Such a person or couple should seek help and benefit from couple or individual counselling early before things deteriorate.

“Spouse murder or killing is now endemic in the society. It’s a psychological/ psychiatric problem which starts from spouse battering in most cases, culminating in murder. Frustration, job loss, low self esteem and schizophrenia are some of the factors that help to aggravate the situation leading to spouse murder,” Mr. Victor, a businessman said.

On his part, Samuel Akintola, a pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Zion Area, Signs and Wonders Parish, Ile-Iwe, Lagos, ascribed the situation to marriages sealed for the wrong reasons.

“I would advise any aggrieved partner to walk away, though that is not an easy option. But it is definitely better than killing your spouse. It is supposed to be “until death do us part,” as a vow taken by both. It is heart breaking that, today, as soon as couples get tired of each other, they begin to scheme to arrive at the ‘death’ that would ‘do them part’.

“Young men and women of today believe that they can change their partner’s bad habits when they finally marry. The man believes marriage will change her hot temper while the lady believes that he will stop womanising when she marries him. It is usually not easy, if not impossible,” he said.

Akintola also ascribed some faults to parents of spouses, saying that there are challenges in marriage, but nothing prepares couples for the challenges.

“As a matter of fact, nothing seems to have prepared many couples for the reality of married life. Many of them are easily carried away by the mere excitement of the wedding party. All they plan for is the D-day, forgetting that there are challenges ahead for every man and woman from different backgrounds who choose to live under the same roof.

“Some parents are not also helping matters. All they do is to help the bride and groom to organise ‘befitting’ weddings, without properly nurturing them on what marriage entails,” he concluded.

While a lasting solution to this evil is still lacking, the judicial system is trying to see if the fear of jail time can stop this menace. In some of the cases where spouses have been killed, the system has sent the assailants to jail.

Arowolo, was sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Lateefat Okunnu of the Ikeja High Court, while Oyediran, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by Justice Munta Abimbola of the Oyo State High Court.

Commenting on spouse deaths, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police Imohimi Edgal advised couples to learn to resolve their marital dispute without resorting to violence, as he made reference to the death of Alizee.

With perhaps another spouse death waiting to happen, the need to sound the alarm bell cannot be overemphasised.

We also spoke with Prophet Anjola Smith of the Celestial Church of Christ, He explained that the cause of the killings is the devil and it is all signs of the end times. “It is not new for man to commit murder, what is strange is the frequency with which it is happening. You see husbands killing wives, wives killing husbands, it is not natural. The devil is in control and it is in the Bible that these thing will happen. They are all signs of the end times,” he said.


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The Lagos branch of Edo College old boys Association, ECOBA has presented nineteen prizes and awards to deserving students and teachers of Edo College, Benin City at the 2019 graduation and prize-giving ceremony of the institution.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for one hundred and forty-three students, the chairman of the occasion, Mr. Isaac Ehiozuwa, Edo state Head of Service commended the staff of the school for maintaining the excellent standard of the school.

According to the Head of Service, who was represented by Mr. Edwin Oaikhena Edionweme, a director of administration and supplies, a lot has been done by the school authorities, but a lot still needs to be done.

He advised the staff to continue to ensure that the right discipline is inculcated in the students which would bring joy to every parent.

“We are all aware of the steps the Edo state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has been taking in the education sector. It is therefore good to key into the mission and vision of this administration,” he added.

The National President of ECOBA, Dr. Reuben Osahon who thanked the old boys of the school for their numerous contributions to the development of their Alma-Mata enjoined the new graduands to find the nearest branch wherever they find themselves and join the association.

“The law states that after two years of graduation from the school without being expelled you are qualified. If you have benefited from the institution, it is your responsibility to contribute your quota to the development of the school that is 82 years old,” he noted.

During the presentation of prizes and awards from the Lagos branch, the ECOBA National President gave the best mathematics SS3 student award to Efosa Illoware Eghenayamose, sponsored by Senator David Dafinone Foundation; The best English Language SS3 award sponsored by Mr. Sunday Airrue Uaboi to Odiase O. Micheal; the best SS3 Economics award sponsored by Senator David Dafinone Foundation to Elaigwu Augustine Ugbede-Ojo; The best Accounts SS3 award sponsored by Senator David Dafinone Foundation to Izekor Jefferson and the best SS3 Physics award sponsored by Engr Edward E. Iyamu to Emina Attah Emeka.

The Benin branch chairman. Barrister Peter Oibor made the presentation to the best Fine Arts SS3 award sponsored by Micheal I. Omo Osagie to Elaigwu Augustine Ugbede-Ojo; the best Agric Science SS3 award sponsored by Osazenaye Osarenkhoe to Ofuase Kikachukwu Oluwatimilehin; the best Biology SS3 award sponsored by Mrs. Hilda Gregory (AKA Edede Edo College) to Oghagbon Osasenaga; the best Geography SS3 award sponsored by Omaha Endowment Fund to Ikilo Eghosasere Evidence and the best sport person SS3 award sponsored by Uyi Akpata to Isreal Edosomwan.

Other awards presented by the ECOBA Benin branch Chairman were the best mathematics SS2 award sponsored by AVM Joe Ehigie (Rtd) to Iyase Eghosa; the best Athletics SS2 award sponsored by Madam Ofure Akpata to Egharevba Blossom; the best mathematics JS3 award sponsored by Godwin Ize-Iyamu to Agas Eseoghene David; the best English Language JS3 award sponsored by Mrs. Omokhuwe Alegeh to Aiwehoe Osayuki Gabriel; the Best French JS3 award sponsored by Amb. Vincent Okobi went to Abiodun-Mudasiru Moyosola Marcel while the Best JS1 French Class award went to JS1c and the Best teacher in Geography award sponsored by Omaha Endowment Fund went to Mr. Aghedo B.O.

Other awards presented by the representative of the Head of Service include the outstanding teacher in English to Mrs. Theresa Ehigie, the best N-power outstanding award to Evance Erhabor and the principal of the school, Mr. Samuel Ogbebor also presented the principal award to ECOBA for their contribution to the overall development of Edo College.

“The laudable contributions of ECOBA to the overall development of Edo College cannot be over-emphasized. The old boys have played key roles in activating the core values of the college, its physical environment inclusive, management is extremely grateful to the class set of 92 that built and commissioned a basketball court. By so doing, they have revived the spirit of sportsmanship amongst students,” he added. 

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IGP Must Read This: Shocking Details Of How Police Allegely Manipulated Rape Victim




A 19 year old lady simply identified as Oyindamola, was allegedly drugged and gang raped by her boyfriend and his friends at a party in the Alagbado area in Lagos state on June 30th.


The older sister of the victim, Mrs Afolabi, in an exclusive interview with LIB, said the victim who was a virgin, was invited to a birthday party by her boyfriend, Roy Arinze, who drugged her, took her away from the party while she was unconcious and raped her alongside two of his friends.


On the 30th of June, my sister Oyindamola went for a birthday party with one of her best friend called Roy Arinze. Arround 6pm, Roy invited her to a birthday party which was celebrated by one of his brothers. On getting to the party, Roy brought beer for my sister to drink  and she had never taken beer before. He begged her to drink it so she collected it from him and she drank it. After taking the alcohol, she said she doesn’t know what is happening to her. The next thing, she found herslef in Roy’s house.  Roy took her to his house. She was unconcious. When she woke up, she saw three guys packing blood. She was like what is going on here? What happened. Roy responded that he just fingered her.  She was like you just fingered me and I am seeing three guys packing blood. Roy responded that they came to her rescue.


She said she wants to start going home. She woke up around 9.30pm. During that period, she had switched off her phone. We have been looking for her.  They asked her to sleep over but she said no that she cannot wait that she has to go back home. They put her to a bike and she went home.

When my sister got home, she went straight to bed. She did not inform anybody. The next day, my mum went out and she called me to say she wasn’t feeling alright. She said she was feeling pains in her vagina. I asked her what happened and she told me that she went to her boyfriend’s place yesterday and that he told her that he fingered her and that since then, she hasn’t been feeling okay. I was thinking maybe normal tears, maybe the guy slept with her and disvirgined her and she had a few tears. I called a nurse who told me she can take Ampiclox and then sit on warm water.


Oyindamola was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk. So she wanted to go and buy the drugs which is Ampiclox. On getting to the pharmacy which was in our neighboorhood, the pharmacist saw the way she was walking and was like what happened to you Oyindamola? She responded that she is having pains all over her body and that she wants to buy drugs. The pharmacist was like you are having body pains and you want to buy Ampiclox? The pharmacist forced her to come closer to see what was happening down. She bent and opened her vagina for the pharmacist.

The pharmacist was shocked and was very suprised. She directed her to    Fumbi Medical Center hospital in our area. She went there and she was admitted. Because my mum wasn’t around and I wasn’t around as well, , she called Roy to tell him she was in the hospital.  The guy came down to the hospital. The doctor asked them to pay N38, 000 to stitch it for my sister. I think the doctor did not know it was something big.


Later on,  my mum got in touch with her and asked her ”where are you?’. She said she was in the hospital. When she got to the hospital, my mum was very surpised. She rushed down to the police station  on AIT Alagbado to report. She got there and at the counter, met a female police officer who accompanied her to get Roy arrested.

On getting there, they saw Roy and the doctor discussing. Roy was promising the doctor that he will pay extra N25, 000 to take care of Oyindamola as well as beg our mother on his behalf.

Roy was immediately arrested and taken to the police station. When they got there, the policemen were asking my mum to pay N5000 to open file, another N5000 for transport and another N5000.  They were just asking her for money. She was like money for what? Is it a crime for me to come and tell you that something happened to me and you can’t come to my rescue? (sic)  The police woman told my mum if she cannot pay the money, then she should forget about the case. My mum was surprised and was like why would she say such a thing? She left for home and returned with N5000 which was all she could gather. Before she returned to the police station, I think the police woman and Roy had discussed. Roy asked her to please help him beg my mum  and that he is going to settle the woman.


The police woman told my mum that she come so they can settle the matter because she knows she doesn’t have money. She told my mum that if they go to court, she would lose because she doesn’t have money.  She was like you don’t have money to pay N5000 for  transport. My Mum was like why would she say such a thing. She told my mum that she should provide the remaining money asked for as soon as possible otherwise she would release the suspect, Roy.

My mum did not have much with her. She rushed down to the church and called upon the brethren that they should please come to her aid. My mum and the church members visited the police station on Wednesday July 2nd. They went straight to the DPO’s office as the female police officer was not on sit. The DPO wasn’t aware of what was even happening. The DPO said he was not even aware wasn’t even in the cell.


He begged my mum and church members.  Some people hinted us that we should call humanright activists that they are ready to fight for us and can take up the issue. We got their number and called them that same Wednesday. We called and Mrs Fola from Ikeja spoke to us. She came on Thursday July 3rd. She met my sister in the Hospital and asked her questions. She also met with doctor. The doctor told Mrs Fola he did not see any sign of penetration and that he doesn’t understand the case and that she should just take it easy.

Mrs Fola then said no that she will not take it easy and that it must be charged to court. That Thursday, the doctor gave us a bill of N55, 000 and asked us to go and pay. My sister all through this period couldn’t urinate by herself. They had to pass a pipe through her body. Unfortuately we don’t have much, we are very rich. We didn’t have much with us. We tried to run helter skelter to raise the money. We didn’t have much because my dad has not been feeling fine for a very long time. He cannot walk. We have been spending much on my dad. This Oyinda own coming suddenly made us weak.

Before then, Roy’s family members have been coming down to the hospital, begging us that we should settle this matter because they are Igbo, we we are Yoruba (sic).  They said they will pick up the bill and that they will give  us some amount of money and that anything we want we should ask for. I personally said no because  this guy is not telling us the truth because after he injured my sister, he cleaned her blood with his clothes and white handkerchief. We even asked for the clothes he used to clean her blood but he said he had burnt it. We don’t even know what he used the blood to do.


The police just put him in their custody. They did not question him nor ask him We were also surprised because my sister said they were three when she openned her eyes. They left the remaining two guys. They did not interrogate them.” she said


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Speaking further, Mrs Afolabi said the Humanright activisit insisted that Oyinda must be examined at the Mirabel Medical center within seven days as the test will not be able to detect anything after seven days.

On Saturday July 6th, the humanrights activist came to take Oyindamola for the test but the doctor denied her access because we had not paid the hospital bill. The doctor said she cannot release Oyindamola unless the hospital bill is paid. We pleaded that she should just allow Oyindamola to go for the test and come back to the hospital. We were like we will try and go to church on Sunday and gather something. The doctor refused.  Thank God for Mrs Fola. , she spoke with the doctor who pledged to ensure Oyindamola returns to the hospital.

At the end of the day, Mrs Fola left with Oyindamola and my brother to Mirabel for the test. Me and my mum we were there at the hospital. They brought her back to the hospital. On Sunday we got to church and  we were not able to gather anything. We were just tired. Later we agreed that Roy’s family should pay the money because it is their responsibility because they are the ones that caused everything. They paid the bill and we went home.


On Monday  July 8th, I went to the police station to find out what is happening and they said they have not made any arrest because they have not seen any evidence. They asked me to take a sheet of paper to Mirabel to collect the result. On Tuesday July 9th, we went down to Mirabel.


On that Saturday when they went for the test in Mirabel, they met with one Dr who enlightened Mrs Fola that it was a gang rape. He said from what he saw, it was a gang rape. He said the result will come out in 7 days. He said they raped her through her vagina and through her anus . The doctor was so sad.


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According to Mrs Afolabi, on Monday July 15th, the police called for a meeting between her family and Roy’s family members. On getting to the station, Oyindamola and her mother were shocked to see Roy arrriving the police station on a motorbike. They never knew the police had released Roy. A few minutes later, the police informed them that the meeting had been postponed to the next day.  Oyindamola accused the police officer of wasting her time as she was meant to be at the Mirabel medical center for further treatment but had to cancel it because of the meeting.


Mrs Afolabi said that to her family’s suprise, the police officer accused Oyindamola of being rude and locked her up in the cell. She said the police threatened her mum that she will also be locked up if she isn’t careful.  She was detained in the cell till the next day July 16th.


In the night, the policemen were interrogating her again. They told her that when they get to court, she should tell them that she was not sleeping when Roy was having sex with her. They were collecting another statement from her again.  They did not give her food or medication.

The next day, my mummy came and they said they want to go to court because they have collected another statement. They said they were going to court that morning which was yesterday. She called me and I was surprised. I was angry because the police decided to go to court now after forcing my sister to make another statement. The police officers collected my mum’s phone so she could not be able to talk to me, forced her into a vehicle with Oyindamola and they drove to the court” she said

Mrs Afolabi said Roy was in the court and his lawyers asked the court to grant him bail.


The Magistrate court adjourned the case to September 26th.


Mrs Afolabi says all her family is demanding is justice for her sister, Oyindamola.


Culled: Linda Ikeji

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