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There is nothing better than working in a good company, that will not only give you a chance to grow but help you attain career fulfillment. There are some signs to look out for when searching for such a good company. This list isn’t exhaustive but contained here are some of those signs. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 of them.

Calm and Productive Atmosphere

It’s easier to be productive and get work done in the workplace environment, when the atmosphere is calm and productive, and there are virtually no visible signs of fear, domination, harassment or intimidation. In a good workplace, the right of every employee is respected and there is space and a conducive environment to work as efficiently as you can, with all the resources you need adequately provided.


There is Flexibility

There is flexibility, when the company is ready to accept change and work towards positive changes. The management understands that ‘change is the only constant thing’, and works with that to improve their practices and keep the organization relevant. The company has programmes to help accommodate new trends and technology, and also promote the incorporation of new skills. Employees constantly have opportunities to learn, improve on their existing skills and better themselves.


There is Positive Reinforcement

The company understands the place of corporate gestures of acknowledgment, appreciation and gratitude in motivating employees. They offer genuine compliments, rewards, bonuses, raises, promotions and certificates of achievement to help employees feel appreciated and continue to be motivated to keep up the good work.


Importance is Placed on Health and Family

A standard health insurance plan is offered to employees, and in cases of requests for sick leaves, employees aren’t given such a hard time and it’s not such an uphill task. In addition, the company also values family, gives time for and considerations to family-related issues like maternity leaves, family emergencies, vacations etc.

Low Turnover

This factor is very important in judging how much of a good workplace a company is. If you notice that a sizeable number of people that work for the company hardly stay for long and leave unexpectedly after a short period of time, it might signal that such a workplace is not good one. On the flip side, if people tend to stay for a reasonably long period of time before eventually either moving up the management ladder or moving on to other ventures, then it’s probably a company with a good working culture and practices.

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