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Serial marital rape, Abuse, Domestic violence and Persistent assault Cost Police Officer Marriage




The marriage of a senior police officer, Chibuzo Okoroafor and his wife Faith, has been dissolved by the Customary Court in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State over allegations of serial marital rape, abuse, domestic violence, persistent assault , brutal dehumanization and irreconcilable differences.  According to humanrights activist and president of an NGO named JLAA, Kingsley Ughe who shared the story online, the couple’s marriage broke down over persistent rape despite Faith”s often willingness to have sex with Chibizo without the attendant violence and compulsion.

According to him, Faith ran to JLAA seeking for help. Her story was bizarre and incredible. It was the physical scars and body sores from the violence inflicted on her by the husband that convinced JLAA to act immediately. According to the victim, she got married to her husband on April 24th, 2014 under the native custom and tradition in Abia State. Most of the abuse in the beginning was verbal and emotional. He would complain tirelessly that Faith was boring in bed and lack “adventurous sexual spirit” whatever that means.

“My husband had certain sexual desires I refused to entertain, namely persistent slapping of my face, strangling my throat and binding my arms behind me before and during sex. He would repeatedly beat me during sex in fits of sexual delirium and ecstasy even when I initially submitted willingly to sex with him. He wanted me to brutally hit him as foreplay. The idea of violence before sex is something that completely disgusted me, so I told him I’d have no part of it. He would become angry, shouting at me and calling me filthy slurs to repay me for holding him back from having his fantasies fulfilled. Most often, When I refuse, he would orchestrate a row between us and use the opportunity to brutally rape me whenever we quarrel. On one particular occasion, He pulled me back out by my hair during sexual pleasure and he kept hitting me again and then he stomped on my head …. I knew if I didn’t get out now, I’d never get out. Eventually he started cheating on me, which I’d suspected him of many times prior. This time I knew for sure because he admitted it, and honestly, I was happy he’d lived out his desires and left me in peace”he said

However, this escalated as the years passed. Some of my friends and family told me to leave him, but others believed I should stay to work through our problems for the kids.

“He’ll grow up,” they said The only part of him which “grew up” was his taste for sexual violence.

Faith prayed the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her continued custody of the children of the marriage. Chibuzo did not object to the divorce and had no legal representation. The Magistrate said Chibuzo’s refusal to stop the planned dissolution indicated that the parties had consented to severing the union.

He granted Faith the continued custody of their two children until maturity, adding that Chibuzo had the right to see his two sons whenever he wished.

The judge also ordered Chibuzo to pay Faith N120,000 monthly as upkeep allowance for their children .

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