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5 safety tips for driving at night



Traveling or driving at night can be quite risky, however, there are some occasions when you just wouldn’t be able to avoid it. In these situations, there are some safety tips to take note of to help keep you safe and protected throughout the journey. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 safety tips for driving at night.

Use Defensive Driving Techniques

It is important to be very anticipatory when driving or traveling at night because you never know which driver might just, out of negligence, get himself in a dangerous driving situation that you don’t want to be anywhere near. It’s also advisable not to tailgate when driving or traveling at night.

Avoid Drivers Who are Swerving or Drifting

This could indicate the driver is either intoxicated or drowsy on the wheel; you should thus keep your distance from such drivers.

Be Sure to Avert Your Eyes From Oncoming Traffic

This should be done to help prevent the temporary blindness that comes with your eyes being exposed to the sudden bright light from oncoming cars. It will take your eyes time to adjust to the bright light and that can be dangerous for you while driving. It is, therefore, best to immediately avert your eyes from the light of these oncoming cars to avoid temporary blindness.

Get an Anti-Glare Lens

Especially when traveling long distances at night, it might not be easy for you to avert your eyes from the bright light of every oncoming car, therefore, it will be easier to use an anti-glare lens. This will help reduce the strain of exterior lights on your eyes without much stress.


Dim Your Dashboard Light

Bright interior lights can affect your forward vision and ability to see things outside your vehicle. It is best to turn down the dash brightness so the light doesn’t hinder your visibility while driving at night.

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