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Sen. Attai Aidoko enlists thugs to harass delegates at Kogi East PDP primary election



Information at our disposals has revealed that a senatorial aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi East Senatorial District, Senator Attai Adoko has enlisted thugs to disrupt the forthcoming primaries of the party, this newspaper gathered.Reliable informants alleged that Aidoko, who is currently representing the senatorial district in the red chamber, has taken his re-election bid to an unimaginable level as he feared that the constituents no longer needed his services.

According to sources, Senator Aidoko has perfected a grand plan to engage the services of thugs to harass delegates that are not committed to him thereby forcing himself on the people.

It was alleged further that the senator also planned to refuse other aspirants access to the venue of the election and that he is working with some powerful elements in the party to achieve his aim.

We were further informed that Senator Aidoko planned to cause commotion if things don’t go his way, and that he has told those close to him that he would threaten officials and their family members into submission so that he could have his way.

“Senator Aidoko is desperate to return to the senate chamber in 2019 at all cost. He is using all within his power to get the ticket of the party despite his unpopularity.

“We are tired of him as our senator. He has been there twice, but we cannot see what he has achieved. Even at that, let him submit himself for primaries. If the people want him he would see and if they don’t want him, then he should go back home and allow us to try another person. Enough is enough,” said a reliable source.

The source recalled that the youths in Kogi East Senatorial District had earlier rejected the re-election of Senator Attai Aidoko as the 2019 General Elections approach.

He stressed that Aidoko is the longest-serving federal lawmaker from Kogi East, but that ironically, “the worst amongst all, as he has serially failed us in terms of good legislation, provision of amenities through constituency projects and youth empowerment. Aidoko should be told the naked truth. He must be told that the seat of Kogi East doesn’t belong to his family neither any godfather.”

The youths had revealed that Senator Aidoko has spent 12 years both in lower and upper chambers of the National Assembly without anything to show for it, adding that it was under his watch that Ibaji oil wells were ceded to Anambra State.

“Senator Aidoko has provided poor representation, starting from his days in the House of Representatives, where he represented Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency from 2003 to 2011 and served as Chairman, House Committee on Federal Capital Territory, and later as Chairman, Senate Committee on SEGS.

“As a Senator, he can’t point at one single thing as achievement that we can call his Constituency project.

“He is only after his personal interest and that of his godfather which is not good for our people in need of development. In fact, Aidoko is a liability on the good people of Kogi East and he has no political relevance in both the region and at the national level,Attai Aidoko as Chairman Senate Committee on SDG sold contracts and did virtually all the contracts using proxies they stated.He’s that self centred “they alleged.

The youths noted that Senator Aidoko hails from Ugbamaka-Igah in Olamaboro Local government and that as the Chairman, Senate Committee on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) there is “no project that has come to our land but other senators buy contracts from Senator Aidoko for the interest of their constituencies and he converts the proceeds into buying exotic cars for personal use amid the untold suffering of our people.

The youths stressed that in 2019 ‘by God’s grace,’ Kogi East must decide their future.

The youths however, urged Kogi East youths and other constituents to resolve “to rally round a common cause that will ultimately produce Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji as the next Senator “to represent us come 2019 by God’s grace.”

They stated that Victor Adoji has the requisite qualities to take development to Kogi East and that he is a man with vision and determination to get things done properly for Igala people as a senator.

A chieftain of the PDP in the senatorial district however, warned that “Senator Aidoko’s plans would be resisted with all powers and he would not have his way this time around no matter what happens.”

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